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Wudang Taoist Traditional Kung Fu School

The Wudang Taoist School was founded by Priest Yuanxiugang as a way of passing on traditional Daoist martial arts and philosophy. The school is conveniently located directly next to the main training ground, the Yu Xu Temple (originally built in 1413). There are around thirty full-time Chinese students at the school, from all over China. The school also has around twenty foreign students studying who have dedicated themselves to pursuing the Daoist way.



Wudang Kung Fu Music

 Meditation Training at Wudang

 Wudang Kung Fu Students

  Masters' Demonstration

-Training Ground and Facilities
Training takes place either at the Temple or outside the school. There is also a meditation hall available to students.





 Yuxu Temple Training Ground

 SCIC Students at Wudang

 Basics Training and Warm up

 School Dorm

-Head Master
Master Yuan started basic physical training in wushu at 7, and at 16 studied Shaolin wushu for 3 years. In 1991 he was accepted as a disciple by the great Master Zhong Yun Long. Master Yuan is now a 15th generation disciple of the Wudang SanFeng Sect, and is skilled in Taiji, Qigong, Xingyi, Bagua, and meditation.





 Master Yuan Xiugang

 Master Yuan with SCIC Taiji Students

 Master Yuan with SCIC Students

 Master Yuan practices Bagua

There are single and double rooms available at the school. Each room has a bed, table, chair and air-conditioning, and some rooms have an en-suite bathroom with hot shower. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included, based around a simple and wholesome diet of rice, noodles, rice bread, vegetables, fish and meat. 





 Double Rooms

 Single Rooms

 Dinning Room at the school

 Student Room

Teaching Contents and styles

Taoism philosophy
Wudang Sanfeng Form
Wudang Bagua
Wudang Xingyi
Wudang Taiyi Sword
Wudang Tai Chi Quan
Wudang Weapons

Daily Schedule

These are the set daily times, but training facilities are available at all times. In addition, the master is available outside class to help answer questions.
There's additional training for students who want to train longer. The daily training schedule currently is as follows:

Current Timetable

Morning Training : 8:00 to 10:30am
Afternoon Training: 4:00pm to 6:00pm
Evening Training 8:30pm-10:00 pm (Taoist Meditation)

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