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Chen Village (Chen Jia Gou) Tai Chi Wushu Hall -Henan Wenxian

The Wengxian (Chen Jia Gou) Tai Chi Wushu Hall was established by the Henan Wengxian County Sport Committee in 1992. The school is conveniently located in the center of the county and provides a convenient location for Tai Chi Study and local life experiences. The primary aim of the school is to teach and train Chen-style Taiji for Chinese students. Over the last few years it has started to accept international students and tourists for Tai Chi study. There are around 60 students training here from all over the country, from 5 to 48 years of age. All students are dedicated to traditional Tai Chi training.




 SCIC Tai Chi Students at Chen Village

 Taiji Students at school

 Chinese Taiji Students at school

-Head Coach
Chen Erhu is a 12th Generation Disciple of Chen-style Tai Chi. He is the currently the head coach of the school. He has previously won 7 national titles in Chen-style Tai Chi, and he is well-known for his skill in pushing hands.

-Training Hall & Facilities
The training center is equipped with modern facilities: there is a large performance hall for training and tai Tai Chi displays. Chinese students live next to the centre and foreign students stay in a hotel close by (see below).




 Chen Tai Chi Spear Class

Chen Tai Chi Spear Class 


Foreigners training at the Tai Chi centre stay in a pleasent, modern hotel close by (10-15 minutes walk - 5 mins by taxi). Breakfast at the hotel is included, lunch and dinner (Chinese food) is extra, but very cheap (two or three dishes, enough to for two people, costs roughly 2 or 3 pounds, or $7). Drinks and snacks are available very cheaply in the hotel or from the many shops and stalls nearby. There are single or double rooms available, en-suite, with air-conditioning and a television in each room.




 Hotel rooms near the school

 Training Hall of the school

 Hotel room near the school

Available Styles and Techniques

Tai Chi Basics & Foundational Course
Chen Style Old Frame (Laojia)
Chen Style New Frame (Xingjia)
Chen style Staff (Pole)
Chen Style Spear
Chen Style Broadsword
Tai Chi Push-Hands

Class Timetable

Morning Class: 9:00 - 11:00
Afternoon Class: 15:00 - 17:30

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