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Chen Zhenglei Tai Chi School - Guangzhou Branch

Tai Chi originated in China, Henan Wenxian County Chenjiagou, from the Ming and Qing Chen Chen Wangting ninth ancestor, based on its well-known boxing, according to a long history of thousands of years of Chinese culture and Eastern philosophy, compose this with a yin and yang kind of opening and closing, the actual situation conversion, hardness and softness, speed and white features, as well as boxing sport ergonomic operation of the physical laws and laws of nature. For centuries hereditary and development, domestic and international tai chi enthusiasts favorite, is a fitness self-defense, self-cultivation in one of the sport.

Ten contemporary Chinese martial arts teacher by the Chinese intangible cultural heritage inheritors outstanding Chen Taijiquan, Chen Taijiquan tenth generation descendant of Master Chen Zhenglei was initiated the establishment of the Guangzhou branch Chenjiagou Taijiquan is a museum to teach professional Tai Chi Chen Taijiquan training institutions authentic esoteric law and health exercises; and by his eldest daughter, a famous teacher of young martial artist as curator and head coach Chen Juan; perennial esoteric teach authentic Chen Taijiquan wrapping function , Qigong, the essence of eighteen-style, old frame all the way, the old frame send form, all the way to the new frame, new frame second form, single sword, broadswords, swords, pole, spring sword, tai chi gun, and tai chi push hands and other routines Heart practice.

Classes were officially conducted from May 28, 2009 in Guangzhou, since then hundreds of tai chi enthusiasts learning experience here, the traditional Chen Taijiquan mystery and broad; Master Chen ZhengLei has repeatedly visited Guangzhou Branch and the majority of fans exchanges interactive; Guangdong Provincial Information Center, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Justice, Guangdong Province Reeducation Through Labor, juvenile detention, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province People's Congress, the Guangdong provincial fire brigade, South China University of Technology, and other units are also invited to coach boxing hall of Taiji Qigong law professor.

Chen Juan (Chief Master)

Master Chen Juan was born in 1977 in Henan Province into the Chenjiagou martial arts family, and graduating in 2000 from the Wushu Institute of Beijing Sport University. Chen Juan is a sixth-degree level Master of Chinese martial arts and an official senior coach in Chen style Taiji, as well as holding numerous other qualifications in sports and referee positions. She is a disciple and the eldest daughter of Chen Zhenglei, and a 12th generation exponent of Chen style Tai Chi (Taijiquan).

Training Facilities

The training Hall covers an area of nearly 500 square meters, provides all the facilities for students to train and practice.

Available Courses:

1. Chen Style Old Frame 1st Form
2. Tai Chi 18 posture form
3. Kids Tai Chi
4. Tai Chi Push Hands
5. Chen style tai chi broadsword

Timetable at Tian He Tai Chi Center

Weekdays Classes

Tai Chi 18 postures Wednesday 19:40 - 20:10
Tai Chi Beginner class Tuesday 19:40 - 20:50
Chen Style Old frame 1st Form Tuesday 19:40 - 21:10





Weekend Classes

Tai Chi Beginner Class Saturday 15:30 - 16:40
Sunday 17:10 - 18:20
Tai Chi 18 postures Class Saturday 15:30 - 16:40
Sunday 17:10 - 18:20



Timetable at Yue Xiu Tai Chi Center

Weekdays Classes

Tai Chi 18 postures Tuesday 19:00 - 20:10
Tai Chi Beginner class Wednesday 19:40 - 20:50
Chen Style Old Frame 1st Form Wednesday 20:10 - 21:40






Weekend Classes

Tai Chi Beginner class Sunday 10:40 - 11:50
Tai Chi 18 postures Class Sunday 15:00 - 16:10
Kids Tai Chi Class Saturday 15:00 - 16:10




Private Course and other courses are also available, please contact us in advance.


Course Fees

All Course Fees are provided in US Dollars. For other currencies, please contact us.

Duriation Once a day Twice a day
1 Day 90 130
2 Day 130 160
3 Day 160 220
4 Day 190 250
5 Day 220 280
6 Day 250 310
7 Day 280 340







Duriation Once a week Twice a week Three times a week
1 month 230 380 480
2 nonths 430 580 680
3 nonths 630 780 880
4 nonths 830 980 1080
5 nonths 1030 1180 1280
6 nonths 1230 1380 1480






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