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Shaolin Little Dragon Kung Fu School

Shaolin Little Dragon Kung Fu School was established in 1980(Formerly named Songshan Shaolin Martial Arts School), which is not only the first comprehensive martial arts school assembling the personnel training in science, Martial Arts and movies, but also one of the Kungfu training institutions authorized by the Ministry of Education to recruit foreign students.




 School Main Building

 Physical Condition Training

 International Students

Now there are more than 4000 kungfu students in Xiao Long kungfu school. It has been titled as Top Ten Martial Arts Schools in Henan Province, Martial Arts Training Base for the Young in Henan Province, Civilized School, Green School, Ten Well-Known Martial Arts Schools in China, Creation Base for National Martial Arts Literature in succession.

Previous Achievements

For over twenty years, the school have nurtured over 2700 Martial Arts professionals for our country, absorbed and trained 658 foreign trainees, and had 78 national-level, world-level champions with 350 national-level gold medals and 966 provincial-level gold medals. The school also trained many famous kongfu movie stars such as Shi Xiaolong,Shi Xiaohu, and Shi Xiaobao who act leading roles in more than 30 famous movies like Chinese Dragon, Messy Temple , The Young Huang Feihong, etc. Nowadays, it has become an ideal place and training base for professional martial arts training both in home and abroad.




 School Monk Students

 School Demos

 School Performing Group

School Training Facilities

The school building, with large-scale, functional facilities, beautiful environment and convenient transportation, covers 150 hectares with a total construction area of more than 60,000 square meters and a total investment of over 100 million.




 Kung Fu Training Hall

 Outdoor Kung Fu Training Ground

 Sanshou / Sanda Hall


Accommodation at the school includes a private room with TV, air conditioning, and training with a personal coach. Meals can be purchased in the hotel restaurant or any of the many eating places outside the school on the main street. An average meal costs about $1.25.




 International Student Dorm 1

 International Student 2

 Shaolin Hotel Room

Available Courses  

1 week
2 weeks
4 weeks
8 weeks
12 weeks
1 semester
1 academic year


Early morning session: 6 -7am 
Morning session: 9 - 11am
Afternoon session: 2:30 -4:30pm

Study Contents 

Shaolin Kung Fu theory
Shaolin foundational training (punching, kicking, stances, jumping, kicking)
Shaolin empty hand forms
Weapon forms (Stick, Spear, Straight Sword, Broadsword)
Buddhism meditation (Yijinjing & Baduanjin)

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