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Yin-style Bagua Kung fu School - Beijing 

The Yin-style Bagua Kung Fu School was founded by Grandmaster Xu Shi Xi, a well known kung-fu expert in China. Master Xu specializes in Yin Style Bagua Zhang, Qin Na (Grabbing and locking techniques) and Chen-style Taiji Quan. His style and teaching system focuses on practical fighting techniques and applications of the forms in traditional Chinese kung-fu. 




 Master with the students after the Class

 Master Xu with our students Chirs Ford

 Master Xu teacher Bagua Spear 

In Master Xu's youth he learnt Bagua Zhang from one of the most famous Bagua masters Zhang Qing Lian, Taiji Quan from Tian Xiu Chen and Feng Zhi Qiang. Both are well known masters in Chen-style Taiji. He then studied works left by masters such as Mr. Chen Zhao Kui. Grandmaster Xu Shi Xi is now 70 years old and has been practicing traditional Chinese kung-fu everyday over the last 60 years. He has taught hundreds of students both Chinese and from abroad. He is a master who is willing to pass on his skills, techniques, philosophy and knowledge to those who are keen and value traditional Chinese kung-fu. 




Bagua Spear Class

Master Xu Shows Bagua Circle Walking

Students learn Bagua Spear Form

He has created many new fighting techniques by researching the principles of Bagua and Chen-style Taiji. He also created a teaching system by combining both Chinese kung-fu and Traditional Chinese Medicine. 


Training Ground

SCIC Beijing's traditional kung-fu course with Master Xu is held at the South Training Ground of Xiannongtan Park. Master Xu has been practicing and teaching in this area since 1980, and the park's wide grounds provide an ideal training place for practicing Bagua and Qin Na, especially the many trees which provide an ideal target for circle walking and striking. Many circles, big and small, can be seen in the park, having been created over many years by Master Xu and his students. 

Teaching Contents:

Yin-style Bagua 8 postures 
Yin-style Bagua 8 Palm Techniques 
Yin-style Bagua Zhang long form 
Yin-style Bagua Spear
Yin-style Bagua Staff / Pole
Yin-style Bagua Broadswords
Yin-style Bagua Straight sword

Chen-style Tai Chi
Tai Chi Push hands
Qin Na (Grabbing and locking techniques) 

Class timetable:

(60 minutes per class / 4 classes per day / 20 classes per week) 
14:00 to 18:00 (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday)

Course Length:

1 day to 1 week
2 weeks to 12 weeks;


Course Fees

All Course Fees are provided in US Dollars. For other currencies, please contact us.




1 Day 90
2 Day 150
3 Day 210
4 Day 270
5 Day 330
6 Day 390
7 Day 450







Duriation Once a week Twice a week Three times a week
1 month 270 490 710
2 months 480 930 1380
3 months 690 1330 1980
4 months 910 1980 2580
5 months 1120 2580 3180
6 months 1330 3180 3780






Accommodation Available

7 Days in Hotel Beijing (Tian Tan Branch) 2 star

The 7 Days Hotel Temple of Heaven Branch is a 5 minute walk to the East Gate of Temple of Heaven. It offers a massage service, bicycle rentals and rooms with free wireless internet.
Guest rooms offer both air conditioning and heating facilities. Each room has a fridge, an electric kettle and a flat-screen TV. The en-suite bathroom comes with toiletries and a bathtub.



 Single Bed Room

 Twin Bed Room


Guests can make use of the bicycle rental services to explore the area. Laundry and dry cleaning services are available. Luggage storage can be found at the 24-hour front desk.

Tian Tan Sports Hotel 3 star

The Tiantan sports hotel is located in the East Gate of the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. The hotel is under management of the Sports Council of Beijing. It is close to the Temple of Heaven, Hongqiao Market and the China State Administration of Sports. Several bus lines are connected to the city center. The subway (underground) Line 10 Tian Tan East Station is right there, travelers can take this line to get round Beijing.



 Hotel Reception

 Twin Bed Room

 Single Bed Roon 

The Tiantan Hotel is structured in five layers, equipped with central air-conditioning, automatic elevator, and automatic smoke alarm system. Existing suites and standard rooms have elegant and comfortable interiors, and have central air conditioning, a domestic and international direct dial telephone, and safe and modern facilities. The hotel also has many sizes of conference rooms, dining facilities, a beauty salon, a chess and cards room, a business center and other services. The whole hotel is an elegant environment with a sweet atmosphere, and is an ideal choice for business travelers and tourists.

If you want to stay at the hotels we provide, please contact us at martialarts@scicbeijing.com

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