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Yunnan Sha Guozheng Martial Arts and Tai Chi School - Kungming

The School is founded by the famous Hsing Yi, Bagua and Tai Chi Grand Master Sha Guozheng in 1992.It aims to inherit and carry forward the fine traditions of the Chinese martial arts culture.

To meet the domestic and international martial arts enthusiasts craving for Chinese martial arts and sand style martial arts martial arts martial arts by organizing training courses at different levels; various forms of teaching, competition, communication, performance; by "boxing Saudi government study" sand style martial arts academic research; providing a variety of martial arts teaching materials, articles, images and other ways and means of information, from all levels to teach, universal style of Chinese martial arts and martial arts sand.

The school since its inception, has been coaching and training tens of thousands of people at home and abroad martial arts enthusiasts. In disease prevention and fitness, self-defense, improve training and other aspects of martial arts and Germany have received very good results. Wushu martial arts also repeatedly received the visiting delegation of Japan, Germany, France, Italy, UK, Serbia, Thailand and Hong Kong, Taiwan, or individuals, for a useful exchange and discuss with each other. Wushu martial arts often organize various exchanges, performances, competitions Assembly, both colleagues and learn the martial arts skills, improve the level, and enhance the friendship between them. 

Head Master - Sha Junjie

Sha Junjie, son of grand Master Sha Guozheng, family is originally form Shandong Rongcheng. He is born in February 1962 in Kunming, holds a 8 Dan degree in Chinese Wushu. The chairman od Sha Style researching Institute, the member of Chinese Wushu Committee, the vice chairman of Yunnan Wushu Committee. He has been invited to Germany, UK, US, Japan, Singapore and France in the past 20 years for Sha style Bagua, Hsing Yi, Tongbei and Sanda teaching. 

He started to learn traditional styles with his father from age of 3, won 1st place Hsing Yi Form at the National Wushu Exchange Conference in Tianjin in 1985, won 1st Place Hsing Yi at the National Workers Wushu Competition in Hangzhou in 1986, he also won the second place in Mens 48kg and 52kg at the National Sanda Challenge Cup in 1988.

Available Courses

1. Tai Chi Class

Morning Class: 9:30 - 11:00 (Mon - Fri)
Evening Class: 20:00- 21:30 (Mon - Fri)

2. Kids Summer Wushu (Kung Fu) Course

Morning Class: 9:30 -11:30
Afternoon Class: 15:00 -17:00
Evening Class: 18:30 -20:30
Course Date: 15th July - 15th August (Annually)

3. Sanda (Sanshou) Course

Morning Class: 9:30 - 11:00 (Mon - Fri)
Evening Class: 20:00- 21:30 (Mon - Fri)

4. Hsing Yi, Tongbei and Sha Style Bagua Class

Morning Class: 9:30 - 11:00 (Mon - Fri)
Evening Class: 20:00- 21:30 (Mon - Fri)

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