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Beijing Sport University

The Beijing Sport University (The Former Beijing University of Physical Education) is the only sport subject-based university in China. It has delivered many world class athletes, Olympic Medalists and national champions in all fields. It has 5 schools, 2 institutes and 6 departments, with a total number of over 10 thousand students.



 University Gymnasium

 World Champion Park

 The Main Entrance of the Uni

International Student Dorm

The Wushu Institute is renowned in the University, and has made tremendous achievements in developing and promoting Chinese Wushu since the new China established in 1949. It has also produced many respected Wushu professors such as Mr Zhangwenguan, one of the three highly respected masters in China, Professor Zhanguande-the founder of the Daoyin Qigong system, Masters such as Wu Bin (Jet Li's Teacher), Menghuifeng, and young teachers such as Wang Xiaona (the former national champion).




 Tai Chi




The Wushu Institute of BSU is the top place for Chinese Martial Arts teaching and research in China. It is also the first place to accept international students. The Institue covers all types of Chinese martial arts including Tai Chi, Wushu (Taolu), Sanda (Sanshou), Lion Dance, Daoyin Qigong, Traditional Kung Fu and more. 





  Wushu Training Hall

 Daoyin Training Hall

 Sanshou (Sanda) Training Hall

BUS University Wushu Team

Available Course:
Short-term: 4 weeks / 6 weeks / 8 weeks / 10 weeks / 12 weeks
Long-term:  1 semester / 1 academic year 

Class Timetable:
15 classes per week /
Monday - Friday: 8am to 11am
21 classes per week / Monday - Friday: 8am to 11am / Tuesday and Thursday : 2:30pm to 4:45pm

-Available styles and forms:

Wushu (Taolu)  /  Tai Chi - (Taiji Quan)   / Daoyin Qigong (Yangshengong)  / Sanshou (Sanda) Chinese Kick-boxing

Accommodation at the Univesrity

Beijing Sports University is located in Haidian Science and Education District. It provides an ideal study and live environment and well-equipment apartment for both Chinese and Foreign Students. The campus of the University is quiet, clean and beautiful. There is 1 apartment building for foreign students to live. There are altogether 145 ordinary rooms and 3 standard rooms. There is a TV set, an air conditioner, a telephone and Internet connector (Bill is not included), a desk and bedding, bathroom in each room. There is a public kitchen and a laundry in each floor and an Internet and reading room available in free of charge. (Both single and double rooms are available at the campus)


Shared Student Dorm

Study Room for International Students

Single Room at the Campus

Bothroom in the room

Meals (Food & Drinks) at the University

The canteens on campus in BSU offer single dish meals with rice for as little as 5 RMB (US$.60) per meal. Chinese restaurants on campus and in the local area offer meals for 10 - 20 RMB (US$2-4) per person. Western restaurants cost between 25 and 50 RMB (US$4 - 8) per person per meal. There is also Muslim food available for students at the campus.





Student's Canteen

 Muslim Canteen

 Washing Room

 Shared Kitchen

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