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Wudang Shi He Martial Arts Academy

School Features

1. Adjust your body, and cultivate your mind. 
2. Learn Wudang Kung Fu and Taoist culture
3. Experience Wudang Taoist life style
4. Pay respect to Wudang royal ashram
5. Study the theories of Laozi.

Program Length

1 week - 12 weeks
6 months - 1 year

School Introduction
Wudang Shhe Martial Arts Academy is located in the Happy Valley of Tai Shan Temple in the special economic zone of Wudang Mountain. It was founded by the 15th generation of Wudang Senfeng schools. Wudang Happy Valley is adjacent to Lake Tai Chi which is quiet and tranquil, an excellent place to get away from the world.

Here, you can adjust your body, and cultivate you mind. You can learn about Wudang Taoist culture, experience Wudang Taoist life style, pay respect to Wudang royal ashram, study the theories of Laozi.

Here you can enjoy the Qing Feng Ming Yue (refreshing wind and bright moon), see and hear the bird at play, smell the wonderful aroma of the native flowers. Or you can swim in Lake Tai Chi. In such a beautiful environment, you can just feel the Qi entering your body, purifying your soul. Bath your body in nature, the sunlight and walk in the flowers and achieve harmony with nature.



Master Zheng Shihe

Master Zheng shihe entered the Taoist temple at Purple Heaven Palace at the age of 12. His goal was to become a Taoist Priest and Kung Fu Master. Shifu Zheng studied under Grand Shifu Zhong Yunlong, who was a member of the 3rd generation of the Sanfeng School, Purple Heaven Palace Wudang Mountain. Shifu Zheng studied under Zhong Yunlong for a period of 20 years developing his skills not only as a Kung Fu Master but also cultivating himself in the philosophies of the Tao. Shifu Zheng now has a goal of producing the best Martial Arts students, so they may in turn go out into the world and carry on this ancient practice. The Taoist teaching is for self-cultivation through Taiji and Kung Fu. This is not a mean for fighting but a means for self-defence. The cultivation of the mind and the pursuit to become one with nature. These are the teachings of Laozi and should always be followed by everyone who attends WDS Shi He Gong Fu Guan Academy.


Available study forms and styles

13 Wudang Tai Chi Form 
Taiji 13 is the original Taiji form developed by the legendary Shifu Zhang San Feng the father of Taiji. Taiji 13 was developed as a form for combat during the Tong Dynasty.

28 Wudang Tai Chi Form
Taiji 28 The action is short and smooth, easy to learn and to practice. Taiji 28 is a commonly practiced form, in city squares and parks all over China.

38 Wudang Tai Chi Form
Taiji 38 is a round and smooth style of Wudang Taiji. It is graceful and supple and is also widely practiced in the parks all over the country.

Wudang Tai Chi Sword

Wudang Taiji Sword is a clear, rhythmic and gracefully soft form and yet there is plenty of momentum in this form of the sword.

Wudang 7 Star Tai Chi Sword
Wudang Seven Star Sword is a combination of concise moves that are mysterious and changeable. It promotes vigorous movements that are as soft as a cloud and as fluid as water.

Wudang Tayi Fist
Wudang Tai Yi also known as Xuanwu Boxing, is a combination of Speed a Grace. This form combines the hard and soft of Taiji Quan and Kung Fu. It instils a concentration of hand and eye coordination with speed and strength.



Wudang Taihe Fist
Wudang Tai He Quan is also known as Wudang Fu Hu Boxing. Where Tai Yi is an offensive form Tai He is a defensive form. This form promotes stretching of the muscles, physical fitness and self-defence.

Wudang Bagua Zhang
Wudang Bagua promotes a combination of offensive and defensive tactics luring your opponent into a circle.

Wudang Taiyi Wisk
this form is the essence of Taoist charm. This form emphasize on the promotion of hand and eye coordination, speed and accuracy.

Wudang Taoist Qigong
his is Wudang ancient biography of the Eight Paragraphs which consists of stretching and physical fitness. This form concentrates on breathing and self-cultivation of the mind and spirit. This form is excellent for treatment of the neck, shoulders and back.

Wudang 5 elements Qigong
Wudang Five Elements Qigong corresponds to the five major organs of the body. Breathing and how we breath during this form is essential.

Training grounds & Facilities:

We have three areas that we train at. One inside for cold mornings and inclement weather. Two outside areas. The closest outdoor area is directly out side of the main building. It is an area approx. 200 Square meters, flat and paved. The second is approx 1K walk from the main school building and it is also at our temple area. This area is also quiet and tranquil. The training area is approx. 400 square meters, flat and paved. This is also the area that we do our Wednesday morning student evaluations. The area comes equipped with a stage and back drop.     

General Daily Training Schedule

Morning exercise: Qigong: 06:00-06:45
Breakfast time: 07:00 -08:00
Morning training: 09:00 - 11:00
Lunch Time: 11:30-12:30
Afternoon Training: 15:00 - 17:00
Dinner: 17:30-18:30
Evening Training: 18:30 - 19:30

Wednesday afternoon and Thursday's are free time for the student. Student have opportunities to discover some local cultural activities on their own at Wudang.


Food & Meals:
Since we are a traditional Taoist Gong Fu Academy, our meals consist mainly vegetarian menu. The vegetables that are purchassed for the school are all organic, a meat dish is provided a few times a week so the students can keep up their protein levels.   

The school is currently located at a resort hotel named Happy Journey tourist area. So the students will be living in a hotel environment. There are three types of rooms (Single room, two people shared room and 4 people shared dormitory room). All rooms are equipped with private bath room, dresser desk, AC, heat in the winter, TV and High Speed  Wi-Fi service.       


Laundry Facility:
Laundry room is located on the 3rd floor of the residence building and it is a first come first serve washing machine free of charge to all students.



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