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Shanghai Sport University

The Shanghai University of Sport (SUS) was established in November 1952. It ranks as the No.2 Sports Institute in China.  During the past 50 years, many distinguished physical educators and sports figures have emerged from SUS. The University plays an active role in international cultural exchange while constantly seeking new ways of international cooperation in education.

The SUS is one of the earliest universities in China to admit international students. While fulfilling its great task of promoting teaching and research work on physical education, SUS helps carry forward the glorious Chinese sports and culture, thus enjoying a good reputation at home and abroad. Students and athletes from 20 countries are living and pursuing their studies here.


Wushu Department

The Martial Arts Department is one of the main sectors in the University, It has a great team of skilled and qualified teachers specializing in all types of Chinese Martial Arts, including modern  Wushu (Taolu), Wushu Sanshou, Taiji, Qigong, Traditional Kung Fu. The University also offers Chinese language (Mandarin) courses for international students. Shanghai Sport University is the main institute for martial arts study, research and training in Southern China.




 Wushu Training Hall

 New Competition Carpet

 University Wushu Team


Shanghai Sport University provides guesthouses for international students, which is conveniently located within a few minutes walk to the campus. Residing in the guesthouse offers an excellent opportunity for students to experience a truly international community. The 120 dormitory rooms provided for each student are varied in room layout and facilities designed to reflect different life styles and needs.

Meals at the Campus

There are three canteens in the campus that available for both Chinese students, Muslim students and international students. Ther are also different type of retuarants available, include Korean food, Japanese Food, Sichuan food, Cantonese food and Western food. A Chinese meal usually costs around 7 to 15 yuan (USD$1 to 2), a western meal usaully costs around 20 to 30 yuan (USD$ 3 to 5).


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