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Beijing Wushu Team (Beijing Shishahai Sports School)

The Beijing Wushu Team was founded in November of 1974. Its predecessor was the Wushu Class of Beijing Shichahai Sports School. Coaches Wu Bin (Jet Li's teacher) and Li Junfeng were in charge of the enrollment of the Wushu class in 1971, and working hard for one year, they formally set up the Wushu class of the entire school in 1972.  Over the past 29 years, depending on dedicated training and committed athletes, Beijing Wushu team has succeeded in achieving the male and female championship titles almost 20 times, as well as nearly 200 national gold medals.




 Wushu Training Hall

 World Champion-Yuan Xiaopeng

 School Gym

Dozens of well-known Wushu elites, both domestic and abroad, have graduated from Beijing Wushu Team, the most famous being Jet Li. Wu Bin has also acted in some famous movies, and former and current athletes have participated in movies such as Shaolin Temple, Shaolin Kids and Hero.

-Training Halls & Faculties

There are three main Wushu Halls that in the Sports School, one for the first team training, one for substitute team and the third for juniors and foreign students. All halls are equipped with a traditional wushu carpet and the latest competition carpet. There is also a modern gym for fitness and physical conditional training. 







-Accommodation & Meals

There are two types of accommodation available, a student dorm that provides four bulk beds (for four students), or a 3 star hotel with either single rooms and or twin rooms for international students. Breakfask, lunch and dinner, Chinese buffet-style, are provided by the school.




 School Garden

 Student's Dorm

 Hotel Room at School

The Beijing Wushu Centre provides an excellent training experience for students seeking a professional, successful training atmosphere. For students interested in Wushu competition this is an excellent choice. 

Available Training Courses

Wushu (Taolu) - Competition Forms

Tai Chi (Taiji) -Competition Forms

Sanshou (Sanda)-Chinese Kick-boxing

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