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Henan Wushu & Taiji Team

Henan province is one of China's famous martial arts centres. Historically it has played an important role in developing Chinese Martial Arts (the Shaolin Temple, Chen Village and Wudang Mountain are all located here). The Henan Professional Wushu Team was formed in 1956 by the Henan Sports Committee in Zhengzhou, the province's capital city. Since the team was formed it has produced many great athletes, many of whom have won gold medals in national and international championships. The Henan team has famous coaches such as Master Ma Chuanxi and Qiao Biao. The Henanese team is also well-known for their skills in Changquan (Long Fist), Guanshu (staff), broadsword, spear and so on. Training with the Wushu & Tai Chi teams is an ideal opportunity for students seeking to improve techniques and skills.  



Changquan (Long Fist) Team

 A Well-known Wushu Team

 Changquan (long-fist) team

-Training Facilities 

Henan professional Wushu or Taiji Team provides the best training facilities for top Chinese Wushu and Taiji athletes. Due to generous funding by local governments each team has one or more large training halls, each equipped with both a traditional carpet and the latest international standardized competition carpet. There are also different mat sizes for sophisticated Wushu techniques, many types of weapons, stretching bars, weight training rooms and athletic tracks.


Foreigners training at the Henan Tai Chi (Taiji) or Wushu Team will stay in a pleasent, modern hotel close by (10-15 minutes walk - 5 mins by taxi). Breakfast at the hotel is included, lunch and dinner (Chinese food) is extra, but very cheap (two or three dishes, enough to for two people, costs roughly 2 or 3 pounds, or $7). Drinks and snacks are available very cheaply in the hotel or from the many shops and stalls nearby. There are single or double rooms available, en-suite, with air-conditioning and a television in each room.

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