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SCIC Beijing Launches new study training prorgams: train inside the Shaolin Temple, Study Tai Chi at Jet Li's School (Taiji  Zen School in Hangzhou), Summer Children Wushu, Shaolin Kung Fu programs. Tai Chi courses at Chen Village (Chen Jiagou, Henan Province), Wudang Kung Fu course at Wudang Mountain,

Come to China learning Chinese martial arts and experiencing Chinese culture.
SCIC Beijing is ready to launch online teachiing Kung Fu, Taiji, Qigong and Sanda Programs soon!!! 

Choose from two types of accommodation available at campus including single rooms and shared rooms.

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What is Chinese Martial Arts?


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Introduction to Chinese Culture

Discover Chinese culture and society in our introductory course to the customs and traditions of this ancient land! Students can learn all about China, from its ancient dynasties and religions to folk arts, traditional music, martial arts, native language and delicious Chinese cuisine.

This course is ideal for students wanting a broad introduction to all aspects of Chinese culture with hands-on experience. Instead of focusing on one particular thing students can have a complete experience of Chinese culture. If you want to find out more about China, this is a wonderful place to start!

This course is available in combination with Martial Arts training. Students will be study two or three times a week at SCIC Beijing's Cultural Centre. Courses are taught mostly in Chinese with an English interpreter provided, and transportation will be provided to the centre from host universities and schools.

Modules covered:

History & Dynasties
Students will have an introduction to China's vast history. They will learn all about the major dynasties that ruled over China and their effects on the land, culture and people.

Chinese Language
Students will be introduced to the Chinese language and its long history. They will learn about the development of Chinese, different dialects and accents, and how Chinese characters are used and their evolution from basic symbols to the complex characters used today.

Chinese Religion & Philosophy
Learn all about Taoism and Buddhism, China's two ancient religions, and how they have shaped and influenced the development of Chinese society. Students will also learn about Confucianism, and how the writings of an ancient scholar form the foundation of modern

Martial Arts & Traditional Sports
China has an ancient martial tradition going back thousands of years. Students will learn about the development, theory and styles of Chinese martial arts and can try out some basic techniques for themselves. Students will also have an introduction to China many traditional sports such as Dragon Boat Racing, Firework-Catching and Mongolian Wrestling. They will explore the significance of these and their relationship to China many ethnic diversities.

Traditional Chinese Medicine
Traditional Chinese Medicine has developed over thousands of years and is increasingly known in the West. Students will learn all about its theories, philosophy and range of treatments including acupuncture, Tuina massage and Qigong.

Calligraphy & Brush Painting
Chinese art is renowned for the elegant curves of its traditional calligraphy and the beautiful landscapes of its brush paintings. Students have the chance to try out these skills for themselves and create their own masterpieces!

Music, Dance, Traditional Instruments
Chinese music is distinctive and elegant, Chinese dance is graceful and refined, and Chinese traditional instruments are striking and beautiful to listen to. Students will be introduced to all three, and they have the chance to try out instruments for themselves!

Peking Opera & Acrobatics
Peking opera is one of the most distinctive parts of Chinese culture, with its unique blend of singing, dancing, mime, music and martial arts. Students can discover the history and practice of this ancient tradition, and they also be introduced to Chinese acrobatics! Chinese acrobats are known for their strength and agility, and there is a long acrobatic tradition in China. 

Cooking & Tea Culture
Chinese cooking is famous in many countries for its wonderful tastes, flavours and diverse mixture of ingredients. Students can try cooking some simple dishes for themselves, and also have an introduction to Chinese tea! A refreshing cup of tea is a normal part of the day for both Westerners and Chinese, and Chinese tea has an important place in Chinese life and society.

Folk Arts
Jade and porcelain are two of the most famous folk arts in China, and students have the chance to learn about the many arts and crafts of this exotic country. This includes seal- and chop-making, paper-cutting, and more! Students have the chance to try their hand at some of these arts themselves.

Chinese family & customs
The structure and traditions of a Chinese family is very different to the West. This module will focus on a Chinese family tree, Chinese hospitality and Chinese family names. Students will have a better understanding of Chinese traditions and it will help them have a more fulfilling time in China.

Chinese zodiac & feng shui
This module focuses on the Chinese zodiac, which is based around a 12-animal cycle. A person's personality and characteristics can be foretold by whatever animal they were born under, and students can find out what animal they are and if they correspond! They can also learn about feng shui, which is an ancient Chinese custom dictating the building, layout and decoration of buildings and gardens. According to lore, everything should be built following natural principles. Students can discover something of this ancient custom for themselves.

Celebrations & Festivals
The Chinese love festivals, as anyone who has experienced Chinese New Year, or Spring Festival, will know. Chinese festivals are many and varied, from the Tomb-Sweeping Festival to honour ancestors, Dragon Boat Racing to commemorate the death of a famous poet, to the match-making Lantern Festival. This module covers all the major festivals in China.


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