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SCIC Beijing Launches new study training prorgams: train inside the Shaolin Temple, Study Tai Chi at Jet Li's School (Taiji  Zen School in Hangzhou), Summer Children Wushu, Shaolin Kung Fu programs. Tai Chi courses at Chen Village (Chen Jiagou, Henan Province), Wudang Kung Fu course at Wudang Mountain,

Come to China learning Chinese martial arts and experiencing Chinese culture.
SCIC Beijing is ready to launch online teachiing Kung Fu, Taiji, Qigong and Sanda Programs soon!!! 

Choose from two types of accommodation available at campus including single rooms and shared rooms.

Our Accommodation


What is Chinese Martial Arts?


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Private Training Courses & Classes in China

Come to China for one-to-one study and training. Students can experience authentic training and study under the guidance of highly experienced masters, teachers and professors in China. Our private training fees range from USD $15 to USD $100 per hour, depending on the level, experience, background and reputation of the instructors. All teachers and instructors selected by SCIC Beijing are from top martial arts universities, institutes, professional teams and schools in China.

Private training is ideal for martial arts students who are seeking more training after class, and for those who are in China in a short time and want to focus on particular style of martial arts, or students seeking specific training with a particular teacher in China. 


Private training and instruction is available throughout the year (subject to availability of individual teachers). Sessions can be arranged at your convenience. For more details or to arrange training, please contact us in advance. 

Main aims of private training

- Teaching new movements, techniques, forms and training methods.
- Correcting wrong movements, techniques and forms.
- Providing suggestions and guidance for further development and improvement.

Available Forms and Styles:

Wushu (Taolu):- Long fist (Changquan), Southern Fist (Nanquan), Straight sword (Jianshu), Broadsword (Daoshu), Staff or Pole (Gunshu), Spear (Qiangshu), Wushu Basics (Jibengong), 2-Man fighting forms, 3-Man fighting forms (Duilian). 

Traditional Kung Fu:- Xingyi, Bagua, Tongbei, Fanzi, Baji, Mantis, Drunken styles, Snake, Tiger, Eagle Claw and more. 

Sanshou (Sanda) Chinese Kick-boxing: Kicking, Punching, Wrestling, Grasping, Tumbling, Sanda Basics, Sanda Fighting Tactics.

Tai Chi (Taiji Quan): Chen Style (Competition style, Old frame & New frame forms), Yang Style, Sun Style, Wu Styles, 42 competition forms, 24 simplified form, 8 step forms, 16 step form, 42 Taiji Sword, 88 Style, Tai Chi (Taiji Push Hands).

Daoyin Yangshengong: Five Animal Opera, Yijingjing, Badunjing, 49 Meridian Form, Sitting Qigong, Daoyin Sword. 

Shaolin Kung Fu: Animal styles, Shaolin Staff, Buddhism Meditation, Shaolin Sword, Shaolin Spear, Shaolin Qigong, Xiaohong Fist, Dahong Fist, Plum Palm, Shaolin fighting Applications.

Wudang styles: Wudang Bagua, Wudang Taiyi Sword, Wuzu Quan, Wudang Sanfeng Forms. 

Mulan Styles: Mulan single sword, double swords, fan forms, long tassels form.

Tai Chi Soft Ball: Single Rockets, Double rockets, Basic techniques, simple forms and tricks, Solo-playing forms, two-man playing forms.

Available Instructors and Teachers:

Famous Masters: Wu Bin, Xu Shixi, Chen Erhu, Tian Liyang, Men Huifeng, Kan Guixiang, Qiao Biao, Chen Zhenglei, Fan Ziqiang.

Respected Professors: Zhang  Guande, Yang Bolong, Zhu Ruiqi, Xu Weijung, Hu Xiaofei, Zhu Yuming.

Experienced Teachers: Huang Kanghui, Lui Qinghua, Wang Xiaona, Zhu Hong, Li Yanrong, Yang Hui, Yang Yadan, Li Yuanjun, Li Qiaolin, Liu Haibo, Ding Chuanwei.

Dedicated Students Majoring in Martial Arts: Zhang Mang, Chen Chen, Zhang Yiming, Li Fengmei, Zhuang Jing, Yang Xiaodong,

Skilled Former Professional Athletes: Zhu Weiguang, Peng Jiefu, Fu Yang, Gu Jingjing, Zhao Lin.

Well-known Sanshou Coaches: Chen Chao, An Hu, Chen Qingshen, Li Shiying, Wang Hua feng, Wang Shiyin

Training Venues & Facilities

Training can be arrange at outdoor venues, hotel gardens, parks, university training halls or the SCIC Training Center (Wushu Hall of Capital Institute of Physical Education). more info


Two types accommodation are available, students' dorms or hotels (2 or 3 star) price range from USD $15 to USD $50 per day. more info

Further Information

For how to apply and other information please contact us


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