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SCIC Beijing Launches new study training prorgams: train inside the Shaolin Temple, Study Tai Chi at Jet Li's School (Taiji  Zen School in Hangzhou), Summer Children Wushu, Shaolin Kung Fu programs. Tai Chi courses at Chen Village (Chen Jiagou, Henan Province), Wudang Kung Fu course at Wudang Mountain,

Come to China learning Chinese martial arts and experiencing Chinese culture.
SCIC Beijing is ready to launch online teachiing Kung Fu, Taiji, Qigong and Sanda Programs soon!!! 

Choose from two types of accommodation available at campus including single rooms and shared rooms.

Our Accommodation


What is Chinese Martial Arts?


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SCIC Masters, Instructors, Teachers & Professors in China

Each martial arts Wushu (Kung Fu) master and instructor, selected by SCIC, specializes in a particular style of martial arts. Students will therefore have the opportunity to learn and train under some of China's top martial arts masters and former national champions who are highly experienced and dedicated to providing high quality training for all students regardless of their skill level - from complete beginners to competitors in national competitions.

Technical Advisers and Guest Teachers

SCIC technical consultants and guest teachers include the famous Wushu Master Wubin, the former head coach of the Beijing Wushu team, who is also the teacher of the world-renowned movie star Jet Li. Also include Professor Zhang Guande, the founder of Daoyin Qigong, who works with SCIC Beijing as the Daoyin technical advisor. He is also the Chief Director of the Daoyin Yangshen Gong headquarters in Beijing Sports University.

Profile of our guest teachers

Instructors on the Tai Chi Course

The Tai Chi teaching group includes Teacher Huang Kanghui, the former Chinese Push Hands champion and chief instructor of the university team at Beijing Sports University. Also included is Yang Yadan, a former Yunan Wushu team member, who has won a national championship title for Sun-style Tai Chi as well as Professor Liu Yiping who is an expert on competition forms such as the 42 empty hand form and the 42 sword form.

Profile of our Tai Chi (Taiji) Teachers

Coaches on the Wushu Course

The Wushu teaching group is comprised of a group of former professional Wushu athletes and teachers from Beijing University. The group includes Liu Qinghua, who is the coach of the Beijing Wushu team, Li Yuanjing, a Long Fist (Changquan) teacher, Zhu Hong, who teaches Southern Fist (Nanquan) and finally Zhang Meng, a former member of the Shandong professional team.

Profile of Our Wushu Instructors

Teachers on the Daoyin Qigong Course

The Daoyin teaching group includes Professor Yang Bolong, the Director of the Daoyin Qigong Teaching and Research department in Beijing Sports University, Professor Hu Xiaofei, the Vice Chairman of the Daoyin Qigong headquarters in China, who has been teaching Daoyin Yangsheng for the last 32 years and lastly Teacher Yang Hui, the chief instructor on the SCIC Daoyin beginner's course.

Profile of our Daoyin Instructors

Masters in Traditional Kung Fu

Grandmaster Xu is an expert in the authentic practice of fighting Yin-style Bagua Zhang and Chen-style Taijiquan. He specialises in traditional Bagua forms and applications and in both hard and soft Qigong. He is now in charge of SCIC's traditional Kung Fu programmes. Master Chen Er Hu is a 20th generation direct disciple of Chen-style Taiji. He is one of China's 'Ten outstanding Taiji Masters'. He is now in charge of the traditional Tai Chi classes in Chen Taiji Village which form the SCIC Tai Chi study programme.

Instructors on the Shaolin & Wudang Courses

The Kung Fu priests Tian Liyang and Chen Shiyu are both respected Kung Fu masters at the Wudang Kung Fu Institute on Wudang Mountain and they are both specialists in all styles of Wudang Kung Fu. The monks Shi Yongming and Shi Yongqing both instruct foreign students in the Shaolin Erpo Kung Fu School and are responsible for the SCIC Kung Fu programme. Shi Yongming specialises in Buddhist Qigong and Shi Yongqing specialises in Shaolin external styles.

Profile of Our Masters in Wudang & Shaolin

Instructors on the Mulan and Tai Chi Softball Courses

Teacher Li has been practicing Tai Chi softball for the last 10 years and now specializes in demonstrating and teaching this exercise. SCIC has invited Teacher Li to give classes to our students at the SCIC training centre. Teacher Wang specializes in all Mulan forms including fan, both single and double, Mulan long tassel sword form and Mulan 48 form.

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