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SCIC Beijing Launches new study training prorgams: train inside the Shaolin Temple, Study Tai Chi at Jet Li's School (Taiji  Zen School in Hangzhou), Summer Children Wushu, Shaolin Kung Fu programs. Tai Chi courses at Chen Village (Chen Jiagou, Henan Province), Wudang Kung Fu course at Wudang Mountain,

Come to China learning Chinese martial arts and experiencing Chinese culture.
SCIC Beijing is ready to launch online teachiing Kung Fu, Taiji, Qigong and Sanda Programs soon!!! 

Choose from two types of accommodation available at campus including single rooms and shared rooms.

Our Accommodation


What is Chinese Martial Arts?


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Training Venues & Facilities

SCIC Martial Arts training venues are equipped with martial arts mats, carpets and weapons. Our courses are held at indoor training halls and outdoor training grounds at the SCIC Training Center, Beijing Sport University, Beijing Teachers University, Beijing Wushu Team and Henan Wushu Team. All places have a fully functional gym for weight and physical conditioning training.

Wushu Training Hall

Daoyin Training Hall


Tai Chi Training Hall


Beijing Team Training Hall

Sanshou Training Hall

Training Hall at Shaolin

Gym for Weight Training


Outdoor Training Ground


BSU Training Center


Wudang Training


Wudang Training


Chen Zhenglei Training Center


Yingwu Kung Fu Center


Yingwu Kung Fu Center


Chen Zhenglei Training Center


More information 

Beijing Sport University
Captial Institute of Physical Education
Shanghai Sport Institute
Beijing Wushu Team

Henan Wushu Team
Shaolin Epo Kung Fu Shcool
Shaolin Tagou Kung Fu School
Chen Village Tai Chi Training Hall

Chen Zhenglei Tai Chi Training Center
Wudang Kung Fu Academy
Wudang Traditional Tai Chi School


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