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Work with SCIC Beijing

SCIC Beijing is a prominent Chinese company offering study courses, cultural experiences, travel trips and martial arts training in China. We promote Chinese culture and sporting activities, as well as understanding and exchanges between East and West. We also wish to make a contribution to the wider community and help disadvantaged individuals in the poorer regions of China.

SCIC Charity Program

Our aim:

To promote sports and exercise for young children and the elderly. We want to encourage children and old people to take part in healthy activities and exercises, to encourage a fit and healthy way to life, and to improve the standard of living for those less well-off than most. By contributing to this program you are encouraging a better way of life, strengthening communities and improving relations between China and the West.   

How do we raise funds? 
We raise funds for our charity by collecting 1 pound from the overall program fee from each British participant, 2 Euros from EU participants and 2 dollars from the US and other participants all over the world. We also donate funds from SCIC itself. Our SCIC Beijing Charity Program focuses on children's sports and exercises for elderly people in the poorer areas of China, especially in Yunnan Province.

How do we do it?
We provide basic sports equipment and facilities such as table-tennis table, pads, badminton rackets, basketballs and footballs for children. We hold workshops for teaching basic exercises and general health, and visitors to Yunnan can have the chance to take part of activities such as playing games with Chinese children. We also hold free workshops for elderly people, focusing on general exercises and everyday health.

Target region:
Yunnan Province (southwest of China).

Work so far:
SCIC has purchased sports equipment for a Tibetan Orphanage in Shangri-la, Yunnan. Participants in our trips have also taught English and Western sports games to the children there in 2006 and 2007.  More Info

Join one of SCIC Beijing Teams!

As one of the leading companies in the Sport, Tourism and Cultural Events industry in China, we are looking for new colleagues who are:

1. Native English Speakers or English Major Students
2. Chinese culture enthusiasts
3. Major in Sport Management
4. Major in Tourism
5. Major in Marketing
6. Able to travel abroad for business trips
7. Able to work under pressure

If you are interested in working with SCIC Beijing, please contact us via job@scic-beijing.com 




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