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SCIC China Teams

Chen Lei
(Managing Director)

Mr. Chen is the founder of SCIC Beijing. He graduated with a Master's  Degree in Sports and Leisure Management from Loughborough University in the UK in 2003, and graduated with a BA and a Master's Level in Chinese Martial Arts from Beijing Sport University in 2000. He has been working in the sports and culture industry for the last ten years, and specializes in international sports, culture and arts events and study programs.

James Brown
(Program Developer)

James is head of program development for SCIC. He has an undergraduate degree in English from Reading University and a post-graduate English teaching qualification from Nottingham University, and was an English teacher for several years. Originally a student on an SCIC program, he has experience of studying Mandarin, Chinese Medicine and martial arts in China, and has travelled to several locations across the country for training and exploration.

Cindy Wu
(Language Program Advisor)

Miss Wu is the secretary of the SCIC head office and is in charge of SCIC administration. She is also the organizer of the culture and arts programs as well as program adviser for the Chinese language and Chinese medicine courses. Miss Wu graduated from the Beijing Language and Culture University with a BA in English in 1999. She speaks fluent English and Chinese.

Coco Zhou
(Events Coordinator)

Coco Zhou is from Guizhou Province, in the south-west of China. She graduated with a law degree from the University of People's Public Security in Guizhou. She has worked in the travel and hospitality industry for the last 7 years, and specializes on organizing sports training and summer camp programs.

Yadan Yang
(MA Program Leader)

Miss Yang is a retired member of the Yunnan Professional Tai Chi Team. She was the national champion of China in Sun-style taiji in 1996 and graduated from the Beijing Sports University with a BA in Wushu in 2001. She is currently the director of the Wushu Department in the Beijing University of Communication and is a teacher of Taiji and Daoyin, as well as being director of SCIC Martial Arts Division.

Ian Power (MA Study Program and Life Advisor)

Mr. Ian Power is an American from New York City. He has been living in China since 1998, when he came to Beijing to study Mandarin Chinese and martial arts study. He has also travelled all over China. He has great knowledge of traditional Chinese food, culture and philosophy. His wide experiences of China make him a great guide to Chinese life for our travelers, students and guests from abroad. 

Gary Guo
(Business & Legal Consultant)

Mr. Guo graduated with a BA in Law from the South Central University of Politics and Law in China in 2001 and also has a Master's Degree in Law from Bristol University in the UK in 2003. He is responsible for SCIC Beijing's business study programs, legal affairs and council for SCIC Beijing.

Isabelle Shige
(Director of Travel Division)

Mrs. Shige graduated from the Second Foreign Language University in Beijing in 1994. Previously to joining SCIC Beijing in 2005 she worked for the Hong Kong & China Travel Service Ltd from 1994 to 2004. She speaks Chinese, fluent French and some English, and is currently director of SCIC Beijing's sightseeing programs in Beijing and Hainan.

Ye Lin
(Travel Advisor)

Mrs. Ye graduated from the Beijing Tourism Institute in 1983. She has been working for CITS for the last ten years, and is currently in charge of SCIC Beijing studentsí travel, together with tour programs in Qingdao, Pinyao and the Ermei Mountains. She is also in charge of rail and flight reservations. She is fluent in both Mandarin and English.

Shi Lei (Tour Operator)

Mr. Shi graduated from the Tourism and English Department in Henan University in 1995. He has been working for the China Travel Service (Henan Branch) since 1996. He is currently working for SCIC Beijing with responsibility for kung fu events, study programs, and local sightseeing programs in Zhengzhou and Dengfen City (Shaolin Temple) in Henan province.

Frank Zhang
(Tour Operator)

Mr. Zhang graduated from the Tourism and English Department in Nankai University in Tianjing. He has been working in the tourism industry over the last fifteen years in Henan, and also works for SCIC Beijing co-ordinating sightseeing programs in Luoyang City, Chen Taiji Village and Wudang Mountain.

Jacquie Wang (Program Coordinator)

Jacquie Wang is from Linyi, Shandong Province, and graduated from Beijing Institute of Tourism in 2003. She used to lead English tour groups for Zhongyuan International Travel Services Ltd. She now co-ordinates meals, social events and transportation arrangements for SCIC Travel Division.

Vincent Li (Travel Advisor)

Mr. Vincent Li is from Zhangjiekou Hebei Province, and graduated with a BA in English and Tourism from the Second Foreign Language University in Beijing in 2004. He has worked as a tour guide for Hong Kong & China Travel Services Co since 2004. Now he works for SCIC Beijing, taking responsibility for individual and small group travel programs in Beijing. He also works as a travel program advisor for language and martial arts students.

Li Zhaochang (Tour Operator)

Mr Li Zhaochang is a Naxi ethnic minority from Lijiang, Yunnan Province. He has been working for CITS Lijiang Branch over the last 8 years. He now works as SCIC Beijing's local tour operator in Lijiang, Dali and Shangri-la City in Yunnan Province. He is also an event organizer for SCIC Beijing's Summer School programs.


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