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Our Experts & Professionals

SCIC is proud to work with renowned experts in each field and to provide workshops and training courses for our visitors and students. They include doctors and professors from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, artists, teachers and students from Central Academy of Fine Arts, martial artists, tai chi masters, instructors and former athletes from Beijing Sports University and professional sports teams, as well as local arts experts for our culture and arts workshops, such as seal making, dumpling cooking, kite making, paper cutting and more.

TCM Doctors & Professors

Our TCM doctors and lecturers are all associated with the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. They are all highly respected professors and experts in the traditional Chinese Medicine field and specialize in herbal medicine, acupressure, Tuina, scratch treatments, cupping and qigong.




 Professor Chen Zhaohui

Doctor Wang Shun

Doctor Qi Ming

Kung Fu & Tai Chi Masters

SCIC have selected many different martial arts masters and instructors, all of whom specialize in a particular style of martial arts. They include traditional kung fu masters, modern wushu teachers, tai chi and qigong experts, Shaolin monks and so on. Our visitors and students will have the opportunity to learn and train under the guidance of these prominent martial arts masters and former national champions. 

Calligraphy & Brushing Painting Teachers

SCIC has invited renowned artists and experienced teachers and students from the Central Academy of Fine Arts to give workshops and lectures to our participants. Many have been awarded national prizes and teach in different art schools around Beijing.

Traditional Musical Artists

The musical teaching team is made up of artists from the Central Academy of Music. Some are the members of the China National Group. They are responsible for demonstrating and teaching traditional musical instruments to our students and visitors.

Local Handcrafts Experts

To deepen the cultural experience for our visitors and students we invite local experts who specialize in Chinese handcrafts such as kite making, Chinese seals and stamps, paper cuts and so on. We will make sure all SCIC participants are able to learn some traditional arts and handcrafts while traveling and studying in China.

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