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Our Specialities (why choose us?)


SCIC is a perfectly combined travel, culture learning and social experience in China. We aim to ensure all visitors and students enjoy a complete experience of Chinese history, culture, food and friendly people.

Cultural Immersion

Specially arranged culture & arts workshops ensure that you come to China not only just doing what a typical visitor would usually do, but also have the chance to learn and experience some ancient traditions, arts and handicrafts, while increasing your appreciation and understanding of in China. 

Health Concern

Various health activities are arranged for both visitors and students to obtain the health benefits of traditional Chinese exercise and medicine through Taiji, Qigong, Local Exercises, Chinese Medicine workshops, and many more!


All ranges of model tour packages, specialized travel programs and study courses are provided for you to select according to your interests. You also have the freedom to customize it according to your specific requirements.

SCIC Family Culture

SCIC Beijing creates a friendly and family oriented atmosphere for all participants who come to China for study and visitors who come to China for cultural experiences. We aim to take care of everyone during your entire stay and travel in China and provide superb standard services for all SCIC participants, giving you a pleasant and remarkable experience. 

Standard & Services

SCIC selects the best staff and tour guides for each study and travel destination in China. Most have graduated from top universities and specialize in sport and tourism sectors. They are all qualified and highly trained professionals, and also efficient, hospitable and considerate, with good knowledge of local cultures, specialties, customs, and all necessary information.

Extra helps and special needs

Our staff will provide all necessary information, assistance and accompany you during your entire stay.

Highly Satisfied Participants

SCIC carries out feedback programs at the end of each study term, tour and travel programs we operate. We simply didn't expect everyone to be fully happy with all the activities we provided in each program, as individuals have their own interests and preferences, but all guests did everything they expected and all had a great time in China with us. Our annual feedback outcome has reached a level 96% of participants fully satisfied. For more details, please see our feedback from both individual and group travellers.

High percentage of return guests

Our marketing is mainly based on word of mouth from our previous visitors and students. We are so pleased that more and more people return to our programs with friends and families! Some people come to the same program annually, and some come to a different type of study, sport and travel program each year. Schools, organizations, companies organize groups annually to our programs since we started in 2003. For references, please click here.

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