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-Confirmed Trips 2010

Special Offers
  in 2010 (Confirmed Trips)

Available Dates: March / April / August /October 2010

With all the requests and suggestions from both new and previous participants, SCIC is now confirmed 7 trip programs in 2010 as shown below. These trips are designed to suit a range of different interests so participants can focus on their individual aims when visiting China, whether to experience Chinese culture, learn Tai Chi, train Kung Fu, study Chinese Medicine and Chinese Language (Mandarin), or discover other places purely for pleasure.

Please note that travel dates and hotel preferences are already established in a confirmed tour. Enjoy discounts according to the number of travelers joing in this tour

Trip Options in 2010

1. Main Trip (Martial Arts & Culture)

12 Day (Beijing, Shaolin Temple, Chen Tai Chi Village)  extention trips to Xian Terracotta Warriors and Wudang Mountain

Trip Code: STMA1004Trip
Trip 1:  2nd
April to 15th April  2010
Trip 2: 12th April to 25th April  2010  
Trip 3:  14th August to 27th August 2010
Trip 4: 9th October to 23rd October 2010      
Trip Fee: USD$: 1580 / GBP 898 per person 

This trip is ideal for those who have never been to China before, for a martial arts history and culture experience:

-Train with the Masters in Martial Arts workshops in Beijing, Shaolin Temple and Chen Village
-See all the sights including the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and Longmen Caves etc.
-Learn new skills like Chinese calligraphy, paper cutting and Chinese Medicine etc.
-Enjoy social activities such the Peking Opera, Acrobatics, sampling tea or making dumplings
-Two free days to discover other historical sites,visit Olympic Venues and souvenir shopping

For more trip information, please click here

2. Beijing Explorations with  a trip to Wudang Mountain

Trip Date: 18th April - 30th April 2010
Trip Code: BW1004
Trip Fee: USD$ 1780 / GBP 998 Per person

A). Beijing Explorations

Group 1: (Sightseeing and Local Culture Experiences):
Ideal for those who is the first time come to Beijing. You will have the opportunity to visit the most famous historical attractions such as the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and Summer Palace etc. Many local Chinese Cultural activities will be also on your schedule, these include visiting a typical Tea House, Silk Factory, Watch Peking Opera and Acrobatics Show, Learn Calligraphy, Chinese Medicine and Dumpling Making etc.

Group 2: (Tai Chi & Qigong Study Course with Taosim Workshops that focus on health prospectives):
Ideal for those who have been to China with us before. The course will be focused on a Tai Chi Kung Fu Fan Form and Taoism Philosaphy workshops that concentrates on Taoism on Tai Chi Practices, Taoism on people's health and Taoism Influence on Chinese People, This is a good way to understand Chinese Culture and People.

B) Trip to Wudang Mountain

Participants will travel to Wudang after a few days in Beijing, and every morning they will be training the world well known Wudang Tai Chi with Priest Chen. The course will focus on a Sanfeng Form that is one of the main styles in Wudang Martial arts. In the afternoon, They will enjoy a relax tour of the Wudang Mountain sights. This trip is ideal for those who are seeking a balanced China experience between "toughness" and "softness".

For trip info and itinerary, please contact us

3. Health Immersion China (Taosim Study Tour)
(Beijing with a Trip to Guilin & Yangshuo

Trip Date: 3rd April - 16th April 2010
Trip Code: BW1004
Trip Fee: USD$ 1680 / GBP 980 Per person

Interested in Taoism Philosophy? Concerned about your health? Looking for advice or alternatives to improve your life expectancy? Why not join in the SCIC Health Immersion China Program?! This program combines workshops specifically designed for health conscious individuals or groups looking to explore the preventative and life-prolonging health practices of the Chinese people. Participants will learn gentle exercises such as Tai Chi & Qigong in the morning, study Chinese medicine health care and Taoist health Knowledge in the specially arranged workshops in the afternoon.

The program also includes a relaxing trip to one of the famous spots in China (Gulin and Yangshuo). Enjoy a relaxing ride in the picturesque countryside of Guilin and Yangshuo, the most beautiful ancient towns in China. Bike through villages of the zhuang and yao minorities while taking in the view of Guilin's mysterious kartsí mountains and majestic "Li River". To check how Guilin and yangsuo is like, please click here.

Benefit from this relaxing and healthy trip in China and take home the life changing knowledge of traditional Chinese health practices!


4. 16-Days Wudang & Yunnan Trip

Trip Date: 18th April - 3rd May 2010
Trip Code: WY1004
Trip Fee: USD$2180 / GBP1350 per person

Wudang (Focus on  Wudang Training)
Yunnan (Explore the most beautiful places for ethnic culture in Southwest of China)

You will head to famous martial arts mountains-the Wudang Mountains where you can immerse yourself in the natural "Chi", sceneries and Taoist arts, as well as martial arts of Wudang Mountains. This would be another unique experience for those who are interested in Chinese Culture and Martial Arts. After that, we will travel to Yunnan, famous for its ethnically diverse cultures and natural scenery. The visit includes the old and unsophisticated villages of Lijiang, the dreamland of Dali and the capital city of Kunming.

For trip info and itinerary, please contact us

5. Southern Discovery

13 days - (Shanghai, Suzhou, Yellow Mountains and Surroundings) 
Trip Code: GTSD0904
Trip Date:
4th April -17th April 2010
Trip Fee: USD$: 1630 / GBP898 per person

Ideal for those who have enjoyed our previous trips, this is an opportunity to explore different places in China. The trip will start with Shanghai, the modernist city of China, Suzhou, an old city that is famous for its old houses, numerous rivers and canals with typical Chinese bridges, silks, handcrafts and ancient typically Chinese gardens. Other highlights of the tour include Huangshan (Yellow Mountain), with its breathtakingly magnificent scenery made up of many granite peaks and rocks emerging out of clouds - the inspiration of generations of Chinese artists;  Hongcun village, recognizable as the main location for the movie "Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon"  After Yellow Mountain tour, you will visit and surrounding city Hongzhou, where you can see the every-day life-style of southern Chinese people and sample the produce of a traditional tea plantation. This is a totally new experience of southern China, and a once in a lifetime opportunity for photographers, artists and anyone interested in the "real China" 

For trip info and itinerary, please contact us

6. Silk Road Exploration

14 Day (Beijing & Silk Road)
Trip Code: GTS0904
Trip Date:
31st March -13th April 2010
Trip Fee: USD$: 1980/ GBP1298 per person

Walk in the tracks of Marco Polo:
Explore the routes of the camels transportation
Discover the mysterious and historical Silk Road;
Listen to the stories; see the ruins and the classical architectures.

If you are interested in history, culture, Chinese religions and world heritage sites, this is trip is right for you.This trip also includes the Chinese Medicine study course and sightseeing in Beijing, extension trips to Yellow Mountains, Shanghai and Yangtze River experience are also available.

For trip info and itinerary, please contact us


7. Yangtze River Experience

14 Day (Shanghai, Yellow Mountain and Yangtze River Cruise) 
Trip Code: GTY1004
Trip Date: 12th April - 25th April
Trip Fees: USD$: 1810 / GBP 1280 per person

This holiday is ideal for our participants who have traveled with us in previous times and want to explore more places in China. It includes the famous cities of Shanghai and Hangzhou. Here you can see how the southern people of China live, the traditional tea plantation, Huangshan (Yellow Mountain), one of the most magnificent mountain ranges. Yellow Mountain is legendary for its scenery made up of many granite peaks and rocks emerging out of the clouds. Hongcun village was the main location for the movie "Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon". During the second week we start our adventure down the Yangtze River on a boat tour from Chongqing. Here you we will see the famous three gorges along with the outstanding dam constructions. The other sights you will see along the Yangtze River are its natural landscapes including mountains, waterfalls, ancient tombs and local villages. This is a totally new experience of southern China and another good opportunity for the enthusiastic photographers. 

For trip info and itinerary, please contact us

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