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Interview with groud leader

Trip Interview and Feeback from Nigel (Group Leader)

Name:    Nigel Williams
Age:    56
From:    Cardiff, UK
Purpose of Trip:    Martial arts and cultural immersion
Visited Places:    Beijing, Zhenzhou, Dengfeng, Shaolin, Chen Village, Luoyang




 Calligraphy and Brush Painting Class

 Enjoy Chinese Hotpot Meal

 Learn making Seals and Chops

Thanks for coming to China with SCIC Beijing!

1: Was this your first time in China?

No, this was my third visit to China with SCIC Beijing.

2: Which trip were you participating there?

Martial arts and cultural immersion

3: How long was your trip for?

12 days.

4.  What did you think of China?

I think China is an amazing, absolutely fascinating and totally absorbing place.

5. How were your local guides and SCIC Staff?

The guides were good to very good. Mary was very 'bubbly', knowledgeable and friendly but perhaps tried a bit too hard at times.  Florence was excellent in all respects and had a good sense of humour which was well received by all of us.  Lily appeared to do a good job on the photos and video.  Apart from Chen, who has matured well in his role as managing director within SCIC, I don't think we came into contact with any other SCIC staff.  

6. Any tips on getting the most from the Trip?

Be relaxed, open and flexible.

7. What did you learn on the cultural workshops? Did you enjoy them? 

I have done the workshops before on my first visit but, once again, I enjoyed them a lot.  I particularly enjoy the calligraphy/painting and the music.

8. What did you think of Chinese food there?

Tai bang la!

9. What were the meals like on the trip?  And what was your favourite Chinese dish?

The meals were varied and of a very good standard.  I had no particular favourite and enjoyed just about everything.

10. What was your accommodation like?

All the accommodation was satisfactory to excellent.  On this occasion (because of the late Spring) the Mengxi was a bit cold.  The Shaolin Hotel was excellent and I particularly liked the Shichahai International Plaza  for its good rooms and excellent location - although the food here was not to the usual high standard of elsewhere.

11. Have you made any friends on the trip?

Yes but importantly, have enhanced my existing friendships.

12. What is your favourite thing about the trip?

I enjoyed every aspect of the trip including those things which I have done before.  There were many highlights and it is difficult to choose one but, the Shaolin Music Zen Show and our Taiji practice in Beihai Park were extra special moments for me.

13. Why did you choose SCIC Beijing's Travel Program ?

I have been before and know that SCIC will provide a good service and value for money.

14. What benefits have you gotten from the Trip?

I have enhanced further my knowledge, experience and enjoyment of China and its people.

15. Any tips for other visitors coming to China for study trips or holiday?

Be prepared for a different experience.  Plan ahead well and talk to someone who has been before.

16. What other places or cities you would like to visit next time?

Xian, Lijiang, Kunming, Guilin, Yangshou, Chengdu, Wudang, Yellow Mountain, Dali , Shanghai - several more trips may be necessary!

17. Will you come to China with SCIC Beijing again?

Yes.  As the group leader of the recent trip I was happy that just about everything went according to plan, everyone got on well enough and really enjoyed themselves.  I am pleased to be considering another trip for September 2011.

Thanks for your time; we hope you will come to China with us again!

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