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SCIC Beijing Sports Training and Exchange Programs launched in April 2012. Come to China and train with Olympic Champions, Professional Athletes at top sports schools, teams and clubs.....

  Beijing: (8610)-8472 2674
London: (020)-3239 0099
  New York: (347) 410 5055
Sydney: (02)-8006 4588

Choose from two types of accommodation available at campus including single room and shared room.

Our Accommodation

Table Tennis Training & Exhcange China Program

Come to China for Table Tennis training! Table Tennis is one of the top national sports and China dominated this event at the 2008 Olympics, taking home four gold medals. Participants have the chance to train in a top school, receive professional instruction from Chinese coaches and meet the national and provincial professional teams. Follow in the footsteps of world champions like Ma Lin and Zhang Yining!

Our program also involves cultural experiences of China, sightseeing and travel during your program, and social activities to make sure you have a great time with SCIC Beijing!

Designed for:

-Individuals wanting to learn the sport
-Individuals looking for further training
-Groups, clubs and organizations looking for training
-Groups, clubs and organizations looking for exchanges with Chinese teams
-Coaches and instructors involved in the sport


This program is eligible for participants of 8 years and above through to 50 years and above. All participants must be in good health and have a full health check at home before coming to China.

Team options

Players will be grouped according to their skill level. They will then have specialized training by professional coaches. They will also have the chance to compete against many national champions and prize-winners. Team matches will be held every Tuesday, allowing foreign players to test their skills against Chinas top athletes. Photo opportunities are also available with the athletes and the many Worlds Cups on display at the centre.

Training Facilities

The Chinese National Table Tennis Training Centre is one of the worlds top training facilities. Since 1992 all Chinese national team members (such as Deny Yaping, Kong Linghui, and Bai Yang) have trained here and since won many awards on the world stage: 38 world championships, 15 Olympic gold medals and a number of silver/bronze medals to date. The center has been praised as a perfect place for a national team, and the cradle of world champions.

The centre has also conducted international training programs for teams from more than 30 other countries. It has many large training halls and international-standard competition tables, as well as a gymnasium with professional fitness equipment, a sauna, and other facilities such as a billiards room and high-speed internet connection.

Training Materials

All training materials necessary for the duration of the program, such as a Table Tennis bat and uniform, will be provided by SCIC Beijing.

Instructors & Coaches

Coaches on the program are experienced professionals who have trained players for championship-level competition. Interpreters in all major languages are available throughout the centre. Participants will receive focused training to improve their levels of accuracy, power, hit ratio, consistency, reflexes and hand-to-eye co-ordination.

Training Schedule

The schedule at the centre is as follows:
7:30 am:   Breakfast
8:30 8:50:  Warm-up
8:30-11:00:  Training
12:00:   Lunch
12:30-2:30:   Break
2:30pm 5:00:  Training
6:00:   Dinner
8:00-9:00:  Free Practice
10:00pm:  Bedtime

Note  1: Team Against Match every Wednesday
2: Free time on Saturday and Sunday
3: Training hours vary according to season


Participants usually stay at the training centre. There are double rooms available equivalent to a three star hotel, each with a telephone. Boys and girls lodge separately. There are also single rooms available on request (an extra surcharge may be levied for this service). Laundry services will be provided by the centre. Three and four star hotels are also available within walking distance of the centre.

Food & Drink

The training centre has first-class chefs that prepare well-planned to meet the needs of participants. Muslim, Chinese and European meals are available. Various drinks and snacks are also available for purchase at the centre.

Medical Facilities

There is a medical centre at each training facility for use by professional teams and athletes. Each team also has an appointed sports therapist specifically responsible for overseeing the teams health and treating any injuries that might occur. These facilities and professionals are available for participants training in China. 

Additional Activities after training

SCIC arranges cultural activities, social events and sightseeing programs for all athletes training in China! These include special meals, cultural shows, arts workshops and Beijing tours.  For more details, please click here.

For more information, please click here

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