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SCIC Beijing Sports Training and Exchange Programs launched in April 2012. Come to China and train with Olympic Champions, Professional Athletes at top sports schools, teams and clubs.....

  Beijing: (8610)-8472 2674
London: (020)-3239 0099
  New York: (347) 410 5055
Sydney: (02)-8006 4588

Choose from two types of accommodation available at campus including single room and shared room.

Our Accommodation

Daoyin Qigong Study Course in China

SCIC Beijing's Daoyin Course is held in the Daoyin Training Center of the Beijing Sports University, the headquarters of Daoyin teaching and researching in China! Daoyin Qigong is a comprehensive system of gentle exercises involving breath control, the stimulation of key acupressure points in the body and mental development. The system consists presently of eight sets, which promote health in all the major organs through improving circulation and strengthening bones. Daoyin Qigong exercises are suitable for people of all ages and physical conditions.

Introduction to Daoyin Qigong >> (Daoyin Yangshengong)

Course Photos >>                     Course Video >>

Host School

Daoyin Study Headquarter (Beijing Sport University)
Li Hui Martial Arts and TaiChi HongKong Center

Course Duration:

2 weeks  
4 weeks
8 Weeks
12 weeks
One semester
One academic year

Available Courses:
(45 minutes per class)

Regular course (15 classes  per week)
Intensive course (21 classes per week)

Class Timetable:

Monday - Friday: 8am to 10:15am / Tuesday & Thursday 3pm to 5:15pm. 

Study and training Contents

Introduction of Daoyin Qigong
Five Animal Daoyin Qigong
Da Wu Daoyin
Ma Wang Dui Daoyin Shu
Shuxinpingxue Gong
Yiqiyangfei Gong
Shujinzhuanggu Gong
Yuzhenbuyuan Gong
Daoyin Baojian Gong 49 forms
Jiangluodong Gong
Yangsheng Taiji Zhang

Task and Aims

1. Through the study of theory and method of Daoyin Qigong, students are encouraged to acquire knowledge on the history and present development of traditional Chinese ways to maintain health and master the techniques and mechanisms of preventing disease and prolonging life.

2. Through the course, be able to teach basic Daoyin forms and pass on knowledge of Daoyin, thus, students may keep healthy both mentally and physically so as to bring benefits to society.


All participants will be presented with a certificate of the study and training programs attended, and will be qualified as an official instructor proved as a qualified instructor if pass they pass the exams, which are recognized by the Daoyin Training Headquarter China.

Teachers & Instructors

Students will have the opportunity to learn and train under the guidance of some of China's most prominent Daoyin instructors. These coaches are highly experienced and dedicated to providing high quality training for all students no matter the level of skill. More Info >>

Training Uniform

Each participant will receive one training uniform and one pair of training shoes. Any weapons required will be provided for thge duration of the program.

Training Venues & Facilities

Our training venues are equipped with indoor training halls, outdoor training grounds and a fully functional gym for weight and physical conditioning training. Other training facilities include mats, carpets and weapons. More Info >>

Chinese Language Classes

Three basic Chinese language lessons are arranged for Daoyin students at the beginning of the course. The basic Chinese taught in these lessons is very useful and important for participants staying and studying in China.  

A full language course is also available, please click here for more information.

Daoyin Chinese Terms

This handout provides Daoyin technical terms and sentences, as well as Daoyin idioms in Chinese. These terms are needed in order for foreign students to smoothly enter into martial arts studies and training, as most of the Chinese Martial Arts teachers do not speak English.

Study & Training Videos

We provide a training video of your chosen style, covering key points of study for future training and development. Once back home, this will provide you with a guide to your martial arts study, and is also a reminder of your time with us.

Trip to Shaolin Temple /Chen Village /Wudang Mt

SCIC Travel Division provides a special trip for all martial arts students to discover the most important locations for Kung Fu development and training in China. These places are fundamental in the history of Chinese Martial Arts; the world-famous Shaolin Temple, the birth place of Taiji in Chen Village, and the Taoist sacred mountain of Wudang. More Info >>

Cultural Course Options:

Study Martial Arts while learning about Chinese culture, language and history! SCIC Beijing provides opportunities for all martial arts students to study any aspect of Chinese culture they choose (including Chinese Language, Chinese Medicine, Calligraphy, Cooking, Musical Instruments etc). More Info >>

Design Your Own Program!

SCIC Beijing offers you the opportunity to design your own program, choosing from all our available styles, arts and locations. Want to study Wushu at Beijing Sports University for a month then spend some time at Chen Tai Chi Village or the legendary Shaolin Temple? Or focus on Sanshou for a while with some relaxing Taoist Qigong at Wudang Mountain to complete your experience? We can provide it.

Simply select what, where and when you wish to study and SCIC Beijing will do the rest!

SCIC Activities After Class

Study martial arts in China Beijing while enjoying various social, cultural and sports activities in your free time! Including local lifestyles in Beijing, cultural shows, performances, clubbing nights, special meals, spa and massage experiences, Karaoke, Chinese traditional festival celebrations, and sport games!  Weekend tours also provide a opportunity for students to visit historical attractions such as the Great Wall, Forbidden City and Summer Palace. More Info >>

See what our Daoyin students are up to!  Newsletter.....


SCIC Beijing offers two accomodation options: students' dorms at universities, institutes and martial arts schools, or 2-3 star hotels. You can choose either a single room and a shared room. More Info >> 

Dates & Fees

Choose a Standard program or a Total program that covers Daoyin training, Beijing tours, Shaolin & Wudang Trip, social activities and cultural workshops. More Info >>

How to apply >> 

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