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SCIC Beijing Sports Training and Exchange Programs launched in April 2012. Come to China and train with Olympic Champions, Professional Athletes at top sports schools, teams and clubs.....

  Beijing: (8610)-8472 2674
London: (020)-3239 0099
  New York: (347) 410 5055
Sydney: (02)-8006 4588

Choose from two types of accommodation available at campus including single room and shared room.

Our Accommodation

Kung Fu Training Course in Shaolin

The SCIC Shaolin Kung Fu program is uniquely designed for individuals seeking an intensive and authentically tough experience of Kung Fu training in the real Shaolin Temple and for those who wish to develop their understanding of Chinese culture. Our courses focuses on the comprehensive training of Shaolin Kung Fu and the careful cultivation of body and mind, as well as integrating Shaolin Kung Fu practice and theory. Through class instruction, participants will appreciate the spirit of Shaolin, increase their physical skills and abilities, and ultimately experience the life of authentic Kung Fu training with Shaolin Monks. If you're looking for the real thing, this is the program for you!

Introduction to Shaolin Kung Fu >>

Course Photos >>                          Course Video >>

Available Courses  

1 week
2 weeks
4 weeks
8 weeks
12 weeks
1 semester
1 academic year

Timetable (Monday to Friday)

Early morning session: 6 -7am 
Morning session: 9 -12am
Afternoon session: 2:30 -5:30pm

Study Contents 

Shaolin Kung Fu theory
Shaolin foundational training (punching, kicking, stances, jumping, kicking)
Shaolin empty hand forms
Weapon forms (Stick, Spear, Straight Sword, Broadsword)
Buddhism meditation (Yijinjing & Baduanjin)

Teachers & Coaches

SCIC provides you with highly experienced Kung Fu masters, instructors and monks from Shaolin Temple and Shaolin schools. All of them are devoted to providing high quality training for all students; many have achieved high placements in international competitions. More Info >>

School Options

-Shaolin Temple (Tagou) Kung Fu Institute
-Shaolin Temple (Epo) Kung Fu Institute
-Shaolin Temple Small Dragon Kung Fu School
-Kung Fu study program at Shaolin Temple
-Beijing Shaolin Kung Fu School

Training Venues & Facilities

All schools are equipped with indoor training halls, outdoor training grounds and a gym for weight and physical conditioning training. All training facilities are provided including mats, carpets, weapons and traditional Kung Fu equipment. It's a great environment for an intensive Kung Fu training experience. More Info >>

Accommodation at Shaolin Temple

The accommodation at the Shaolin Temple is relatively simpler than the accommodation available in Beijing, but these schools provide a clean and fresh living environment and an ideal atmosphere for Kung Fu training. There are new buildings available especially for our students. Double and single rooms are available, some with basic facilities in a traditional Kung Fu manner, others with air-conditioning, TV etc. 

Meals at Shaolin Temple

Standard meals including breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in both programs, usually Chinese-style with a mixture of 5 to 6 dishes with rice or noodles.

For more details click the links below

Shaolin Temple (Tagou) Kung Fu School
Shaolin Temple (Epo) Kung Fu School

Sightseeing Programs in Beijing

Sightseeing programs are provided in the first three days before students travel to Shaolin in Henan Province. Students can discover Beijing's major historical and cultural attractions including the Great Wall, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, Lama Temple, Tian'anmen Square, and the Forbidden City. Admission, transportation and English-speaking guides are provided at no extra cost. These tours provide an opportunity for students to deepen their knowledge of China's rich history and cultural heritage in the first three days.

Dates & Fees

Choose a Standard program or a Total program that covers Beijing Tours, Chen village & Wudang Trip, social activities and cultural workshops. More Info >>

How to apply >> 

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