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2015New SCIC Study Courses in China, study Chinese Language, Martial Arts, take part in optional cultural courses: Calligraphy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Traditional Musical Instruments, Chinese Cooking and many more...

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Cultural Workshops
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  Beijing: (8610)-8472 2674
London: (020)-3239 0099
  New York: 0347 410 5055
Sydney: (02)-8006 4588

SCIC Cultural Center Beijing

The goal of the SCIC Cultural Center is to promote traditional Chinese arts and culture. The Center provides learning facilities and classrooms for study courses and cultural activities, and several different courses take place two or three times a week for students who are studying with SCIC Beijing. SCCB is located next to SCIC Beijing's Chaoyang Office, which is 15 to 20 minutes drive from most host universities and schools. Free transportation is provided for our students to the center. Most courses are taught in Chinese with an English interpreter provided.

Courses Offered:
Choose one or two courses from the list below and combine them with your main course!

Introduction to Chinese Culture
Chinese Language
Chinese Medicine
Chinese Calligraphy
Chinese Musical Instruments
Chinese Cooking
Kung Fu & Tai Chi
Business in China

For more details for each course, please see the relevant web-pages or contact us.

Teachers / Professionals

SCIC is proud to work with renowned experts in each field. They include doctors and professors from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, artists, teachers and students from Central Academy of Fine Arts, martial artists, tai chi masters, instructors and former athletes from Beijing Sports University and professional sports teams, musicians from Central Academy of Chinese Music, chefs from the New Oriental Cooking School, and local arts experts for our culture and arts workshops, including seal making, dumpling cooking, kite making, paper cutting and more.  More Info


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