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SCIC Chinese Medicine Study Course and Silk Road Explorations is available in Easter Period. Special offer from USD$1980 per person. This 14 days fully exclusive trip that covers Beijing, Dunhuang, Turfan and Urumqi. Don't miss it. More trips are available including the Yangtze River Cruise, Yellow Mountain Painting Trip, Shaolin, Wudang Mt and Terracotta Warriors Trips.

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Frequent Asked Questions

Do I need a visa for China? Can I use my mobile in China?
How do I get to China? Can I get access to the Internet?
Will I be met at the airport? Can I purchase Western Medicines in China?
What is the time difference? what currency do I use?
What is the weather like in Beijing? Is China a safe destination?
What Transportation like in China? Is the water safe to drink?
What is the electricity?  
Trips & others FAQ¨s

When should we register for the trip? What about tipping in China?
How large is the group? What are the accommodations like?
How do we book the flights? What are the foods like?
How do we apply for the Group Visa? What should we pack for the trip?
Do we need vaccinations for the trip? Can you make a tailored program for us?
Do we need travel insurance for the trip? Can we cancel the booking after the registration?
Do restaurants provide knives and forks?  

What are the toilets facilities like?

What about families and family room requirements?
Are Martial Arts trips suitable for non-martial arts fans?
Can I arrange a hotel for additional days prior to or after my trip?
Can we make technical exchanges with the Chinese teams or schools?
Can individual travelers join one of groups in my area?
Do I need a visa for China?
All visitors to China require a passport and visa, individual visitors should submit an application in person or through a third party (e.g. travel agencies). The Visa applications of Group travelers can be arranged by the local organizers or group leaders. For visa instruction, please click here
How do I get to China?
SCIC is not responsible for your flights arrangements or transport to the airport in your home country. All applicants must arrange their own airline tickets, unless traveling as a group when ticket arrangements can be made by the group leaders in your area. For flight booking information, please click here
Will I be met at the airport?
Yes, one of our staff will be holding an orange colored SCIC sign to meet you at the Beijing International Capital Airport. A brief introduction of Beijing will be carried out by our staff so you can start enjoying the China experience on the way to the place you stay.
What is the time difference?
The whole of China is set on Beijing standard time. China is 7 to 8 hours ahead of Greenwich Standard Time (EU time) depending on the time of year, 13 hours ahead of US Eastern Standard Time and 16 hours ahead of US Pacific Standard Time. China does not observe daylight savings time.
What is the weather like in Beijing?
Beijing generally has hot dry summers and cold dry winters but can also experience wet and very humid conditions. However, Spring season is usually warm and sunny, the average temperature is around 10 to 18 degree. Summer (June - August) is hot with sticky humidity and afternoon thundershowers. The average temperature is 26 degrees Celsius. Autumn¨s temperatures range from 5 degrees to the mid-teens. Evenings may turn unexpectedly cold. back to top
What Transportation like in China?
Options include the air services, railway services, public bus (which costs less than 1 RMB per ride) and subway (2 RMB per ride), as well as taxi service which costs 10 RMB (US$1.25) for short distances and up to 40 RMB to go across town or downtown. Many people also opt to buy bicycles while they are in China. For more information about public transportation, please click here
What is the electricity?
China uses 220 volts and 50 cycles AC. Wall sockets will have two round prongs or three flat prongs. Hotels and campus may have a limited supply of converters, so you may wish to bring your own if needed. Many newer camcorder and digital camera battery chargers don't require a converter
Can I use my mobile in China?
China has become the fastest growing market for mobile use. There are two major mobile networks - China Mobile and China Unicom. You can conveniently purchase a monthly or Pay as you Go Chinese SIM card from any street vendor, prices range from 50 C 200 RMB (5 C 20 USD). Call charges are around 3 Mao (0.05 USD) per minute.
Can I get access to the Internet?
Internet cafes are available everywhere in Beijing. Fees are around 2 - 5 RMB per hour, often drinks and snacks are available within the cafe. If you have your own laptop, most hotel rooms (3 star and above) have internet connectivity. There are also many cafes and bars which offer wireless connection.
Can I purchase Western Medicines in China?
Yes, some Western medicines can be purchased easily in most Pharmacies in China, you also can try some Chinese Medicines if it may be more suitable to your symptoms. However, some medicines or brands are not available, so we recommend that necessary medicines should be bought in your home country and brought with you when entering China.
Can I use my credit cards and what currency do I use?
In most major cities in China, department stores and tourist shops will accept credit cards. There are many ATM cash machines in China that accept major credit cards including Visa, Master and America Express etc. You may want to inform your credit card company you will be using your card in China. The currency in China is the Renminbi (RMB) and the basic unit is the Yuan. Other major currencies and traveler's cheques can easily be exchanged into Yuan at local banks and hotels. More info
Is China a safe destination?
Your safety and security are a priority on all our trips. Crimes against tourists are rare in China but they can happen. Unattended cash can quickly disappear even in your hotel room. Most hotels will have a room safe to leave valuables or they can be left in a security box at the front desk.
Is the water safe to drink?
Tap water is not drinkable in China, but please do not worry, we will provide two bottles of mineral water per person everyday during the trip. Bottled water is inexpensive and readily available. All hotels will have facilities for boiled water available in the room along with tea
When should we register the trip?
You should make your trip registration five months before the trip starts. The registration forms can be downloaded on how to apply. To avoid disappointment early booking is advised. We except late bookings if we still have places available and there will be a small amount of additional fees for this service.
How large is the group?
Our cultural trip programs usually contain a minimum of 10 people and a maximum number of 40 per trip. The size of the group is dependent on the dates and program chosen.
How do we book the flight tickets?
Our trip programs do not include the return flights from your home country, so flight tickets should be obtained prior by yourself or the group leader or school teacher to departure. This can be done by phoning the airline direct e.g. Air-China, BA or via a travel agencies in your local area. Alternatively tickets can be bought via the Internet (e.g.www.expedia.com). About cheap flights, please click here
How to we apply for a group visa?
A tourist group should comprise at least 5 members. Group Visas can be easily applied for 3 months prior to departure. Simply download the Group Visa Application Form. One member of the group or a travel agent courier should be responsible for taking the applicants visa documentation to the Chinese embassy in person. It is recommended to apply for the group visa as early as possible as it takes 2 weeks to process. More info
Do we need vaccinations for the trip?
Short trips of less than 90 days generally do not require vaccinations. Please consult your GP for further advice.
Do we need travel insurance for the trip?
Although travel insurance is not compulsory for the trip, its highly recommended that you arrange adequate travel insurance cover, especially for the purposes of flight cancellation and medical expenses, including flying you home in a medical emergency. You will be responsible for arranging your own travel insurance.
Do restaurants provide knives and forks for foreign visitors?
Knives and forks are only available to foreign visitors in some big restaurants in China. Small and local restaurants have no knives and forks available. If you cannot get used to chopsticks, don¨t worry, our stuff will show you how to use chopsticks properly on the first arrival day, and if you keep using them you will be an expert by the end of the trip or study in China.
What about tipping in China?
Tipping is not a common practice and in most cases not expected. It is customary in the travel sector to tip the tour guides and bus drivers for their services. Generally tipping of 1 pound per day per person is recommended, but there is no obligation to do this. You can tip them according to the services they provided. Tipping is not included on any of the tours we offer.
What are the accommodations like?
Participants will stay at either 3 or 4 Star hotels depending on the location of the activities taking place during your visit in China. Standard rooms have one double or twin beds, air-conditioning, en suite shower/bath room and satellite television. Some hotels offer facilities such as choice of restaurants and pubs, Health and Fitness club with gym, Jacuzzi, indoor heated swimming pool, sauna, massage, bowling, table tennis and games room. All the accommodation we have selected is generally good condition, with two people sharing a standard room. For more information about our hotels, please click here
What are the foods like?
All meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner) are included in the trip except last two free days. Breakfast in the hotel is generally buffet style with a choice of both Western style and Chinese food, but lunches and dinners in local restaurants are mostly Chinese food. Chinese tea, soft drinks and Chinese beer are served with lunch and dinner and there are plenty of dishes available for vegetarians. If you have special requirements for your meals, please inform us on the registration form in advance.
What should we pack?
Your best option is to pack light, because China is good place for shopping and you will bring many things back from China. Please note that your luggage can be stored in the hotel in Beijing when you travel to other places of China. A small bag or suitcase is recommended for the trip to Henan and extension trips. Our trip programs are informal with many outdoor activities so dress for your personal comfort. A comfortable pair of walking and training shoes is recommended. For special dinners and performances you may wish to dress up but smart casual will suffice. The type of garments you bring will depend on the time of year you visit China. (A swim suit is useful as some locations have swimming pools or spas during the time in China. It is also best to pack sufficient medication, etc., for the trip.
Can you make a tailored program for us?
Yes, we can design a trip that is specific to your group¨s interests, please take our itinerary for a reference and let us know the activities and programs you want.
Can we cancel the booking after the registration?
Yes, you can change or cancel the booking after registration, but please note that the deposits are non-refundable and there will be a small administration charge for late registration, changing registration and canceling registration; for more information please check how to apply.
What are the toilets facilities like?
For a majority of our trips you will only encounter Chinese style toilets (squatting style) although Western style toilets are available in all the hotels and in some restaurants. Train journey will have public facilities. A variety of facilities exist outside Eastern China, We schedule our rest stops at the best facilities available. Since some public facilities may not provide toilet paper we recommend you bring a supply of toilet tissue with you.
What about families and room requirements?
If you have a family and wish to share a hotel room this can be arranged for most hotels (though not necessarily all) but notice must be given for the room to be prepared. Usually a maximum of number of 3 single beds can be fitted into one hotel room.
Is this trip program suitable for non-martial arts fans?
Yes, the China culture trips are designed to suit anyone who is interested in experiencing Chinese Culture. Our trips aim to introduce every aspect of Chinese Culture, not only the historical sites such as the Great Wall, but also learning traditional arts such as Chinese calligraphy and brush painting and local life such as making Dumpling etc. If you do not wish to join any of the training, we will arrange more activities such as workshops or sightseeing while the martial arts training is taking place.
Can I arrange a hotel for additional days prior to or after my trip?
Yes, but you must notify SCIC at least 1 month in advance of arrival and SCIC will make your accommodation reservation beginning on the day you designate. Please note that you will be responsible for payment of accommodation, meals and other fees for any additional days outside of your trip program. We will also help arrange any additional accommodations following your trip if you require.
Can we make technical exchanges with the Chinese teams or schools?
Yes, we can arrange these exchanges with Chinese teams, please prepare a school flag or present for the exchange Ceremony.
I am an individual traveler, can I join one of groups in my area?
Yes, if you are an individual traveler, please let us know in advance and we will arrange for you to join one of our groups. Contact details can be found in How to contact us





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