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SCIC Chinese Medicine Study Course and Silk Road Explorations is available in Easter Period. Special offer from USD$1980 per person. This 14 days fully exclusive trip that covers Beijing, Dunhuang, Turfan and Urumqi. Don't miss it. More trips are available including the Yangtze River Cruise, Yellow Mountain Painting Trip, Shaolin, Wudang Mt and Terracotta Warriors Trips.

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The way you organized the tour was superb and from a cultural aspect gave good insights into Chinese customs, their civilization and their achievements from both past and present. Give a great thanks to you and your team!

-Barry Phelon UK-


Teenage Summer China Programs

Are you looking for an educational program for teens in your school or community that allows them to immerse in the culture, history and language of China? Why not join the SCIC Summer Teenage Travel Program, specifically designed for young adults (ages 12 through to 18).

Participants will explore the magnificent history and culture of China in the capital city of Beijing, while learning Mandarin Chinese at a local Beijing middle school and practicing Chinese with a local family in our home-stay program. Participants will also have the opportunity to travel to many exciting and famous places in China! This includes seeing the glorious Terracotta Warriors in the ancient city of Xian, discovering the traditional villages of ethnic minorities in Lijiang, hiking along the dramatic Tiger Leaping Gorge and immersing themselves in Tibetan culture while taking part in volunteer works at a Tibetan Orphanage. The program concludes with a great experience of hiking and camping along the Great Wall.

Locations: Beijing-Xian- Yunnan (Lijiang & Shangri-la)

Length: 21 DaysTrip
Trip Cost: USD$ 2680pp
Experience Required: None
Trip Code: STL09

Program Features

Language study with home stay experience
History and cultural classes
Hike along the Great Wall and Tiger Leaping Gorge
Beijing sightseeing & city discoveries
Visit the Terracotta Warriors in Xian 
Social & sport activities
Voluntary works at a Tibetan orphanage

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Language Class

Through class instruction at a local Beijing middle school students will learn basic Chinese language (Mandarin), both speaking and Chinese character writing. Outside class students will practice their Chinese with language partners and through sightseeing programs and local activities. Classes focus on developing the four main language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Our instructors prepare active hands-on lessons that enable students to quickly speak complete sentences in Chinese. Students are provided with plenty of opportunities to practice their language skills during class through utilizing a wide range of interesting exercises, interactive activities, and role-playing. Classes are divided into two levels to accommodate both beginners and intermediate students.
Culture & History Classes

A wide range of culture related classes are provided, including: Chinese history & geography, society & culture, Chinese Kung Fu, traditional Chinese brush painting, calligraphy, Chinese seal making, Peking opera face painting, Chinese chess, Chinese cooking and Chinese music & art appreciation workshops. (Workshops are taught by local experts, and offer each student a great opportunity learn traditional arts and handcrafts.) 

Sightseeing & City Exploration

Participants will discover the most important historical and cultural attractions in China! While in Beijing students will visit the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven and Tian'anmen Square etc. Next, students will explore the historical city of Xian where they will see the famous Terracotta Warriors and horses and other side attractions. In Lijiang students will discover the traditional villages and customs of the Naxi ethnic minority, see the beautiful snow mountain of Jade Dragon and explore the Songzanlin Tibetan Monastery in Shangri-la. These tours provide an opportunity for students to deepen their knowledge of China's rich history and cultural heritage.

Hiking & Camping

Our hiking programs includes two days of enjoyable hiking along the dramatic Tiger Leaping Gorge in Shangri-la (Yunnan Province). Our guides will lead students along the twenty-eight bends from Tiger Leaping Gorge Village to the Tea Horse Trade guesthouse where students will rest for the night. The following morning students will continue their hike until reaching the Middle Gorge guesthouse. On the way students can enjoy the splendid natural view of mountains, rivers, waterfalls and local people. Hiking along the Great Wall and camping out for a night is another highlight of the trip!

Social & Sport Activities

SCIC arranges for students to visit the Panda Zoo, tour historical museums, visit culture centers as well as enjoy traditional Chinese Kung Fu and Chinese Acrobatics shows, Peking Opera and the flag-hoisting ceremony in Tian'anmen Square. After class, students can enjoy basketball, volleyball or ping-pong with local Chinese students, go shopping or take part in other leisure activities.

Voluntary Works

Community services are an educational and meaningful activity for students. There are many ways that students can get involved and help out in the Chinese Community. Our specially arranged Community Services Day provides an ideal opportunity for students to connect to Chinese communities by participating in a variety of community services such as teaching orphanage children English, playing games with them and leading them in songs. 

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