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SCIC Chinese Medicine Study Course and Silk Road Explorations is available in Easter Period. Special offer from USD$1980 per person. This 14 days fully exclusive trip that covers Beijing, Dunhuang, Turfan and Urumqi. Don't miss it. More trips are available including the Yangtze River Cruise, Yellow Mountain Painting Trip, Shaolin, Wudang Mt and Terracotta Warriors Trips.

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The way you organized the tour was superb and from a cultural aspect gave good insights into Chinese customs, their civilization and their achievements from both past and present. Give a great thanks to you and your team!

-Barry Phelon UK-

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Explore the Mysterious Silk Road

Choose a travel program below and have the freedom to customize it according to your needs and interests:
-Add extra free days for self-exploration
-Add fun local activities

Walk in the tracks of Marco Polo: explore the routes of the camel trains; discover the mysterious and historical Silk Road; listen to the stories; see the ruins and the classical architecture. Our Silk Road exploration also includes the capital City of Beijing, Terracotta Warriors of Xian and many more.


Beijing-Silk Road (7 Days)

Tour Length: 7 Days
Tour Code: GTSR01
Starting Price: USD$1580

Beijing-Xi'an-Duhuang (10-Day)

Trip Length: 10 Day
Tour Code: GTSR02
Starting Price: USD$1880

Beijing-Xi'an-Duhuang, Turfan, Urumqi & Kashgar

Trip Length: 14 Day
Tour Code: GTSR03
Starting Price: USD$2180

Beijing-Xi'an-Silk Road / Shanghai-Suzhou (16-Day)

Trip Length: 16 Day
Tour Code: GTSR04
Starting Price: USD$2480

Beijing-Silk Road (13-Day)

Trip Length: 13 Day
Tour Code: GTSR05
Starting Price: USD$2160

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