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SCIC Chinese Medicine Study Course and Silk Road Explorations is available in Easter Period. Special offer from USD$1980 per person. This 14 days fully exclusive trip that covers Beijing, Dunhuang, Turfan and Urumqi. Don't miss it. More trips are available including the Yangtze River Cruise, Yellow Mountain Painting Trip, Shaolin, Wudang Mt and Terracotta Warriors Trips.

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The way you organized the tour was superb and from a cultural aspect gave good insights into Chinese customs, their civilization and their achievements from both past and present. Give a great thanks to you and your team!

-Barry Phelon UK-


Health Immersion China Tour!

Concerned about your health? Looking for advice or alternatives to improve your life and well-being? Why not join in the SCIC Health Immersion China Program? This program combines workshops specifically designed for health-conscious individuals or groups looking to explore the preventative and life-prolonging health practices of the Chinese people. Participants will learn gentle exercises such as Tai Chi & Qigong, Chinese medicine health care and Taoist health knowledge. This program also includes general tours in three major tourist cities in China plus various cultural activities throughout. Benefit from this relaxing and healthy trip in China and take home the life changing knowledge of traditional Chinese health practices!

Destinations: Beijing-Xian-Shanghai & Suzhou

Trip Length: 14 Days
Trip Price:  USD$1680
Experience Required: None
Program Code: STH09

Tour Features:

Learn and participate in health related activities
Learn about other cultural topics (Calligraphy, Tai Chi and Cooking etc)
See China's famous historical attractions
Visit the Terracotta Warriors in Xian 
Visit dynamic Shanghai & splendid Suzhou
Enjoy local activities in each location
Enjoy plenty of free time for rest and shopping

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Week 1: Health related activities & Beijing Sightseeing

Spend your mornings increasing your knowledge and understanding of the health practices of Chinese people. Learn the techniques of Tai Chi and Chi Gong and the associated health benefits that make this exercise a number one priority each morning for millions of Chinese people. Study dances and folk sports. Increase your awareness of healthy living with our Taoist philosophy workshops focusing on moderation, harmony between Yin & Yang, lifestyle patterns and living environments. Also participate in our 'Health and Diet' workshop covering topics such as food proportions, food as natural medicine, preventative priorities and healthy living patterns etc. Afternoon sightseeing is arranged for every participant to visit famous historical attractions including: the Great Wall, Summer Palace, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and Beijing Hutong Rickshaw Tour. Evenings are arranged to be just as exciting! Try local specialty foods such as Hot Pot and the ever-popular Peking Roasted Duck. Go out for a drink or enjoy a pleasant tea break. Available performances for viewing include Peking Opera Shows and Acrobatics shows. All this and more will make for a complete experience of Beijing life. Here at SCIC Beijing we also realize that each participant's desired amount of free time may be different, so while we do offer a structured travel plan customized to fit your needs, we also allow you to plan much of your own itinerary.

Week 2: Trip to Terracotta Warriors, Shanghai & Suzhou

Get ready for a fun-filled adventure! Pack your bags and board the train to Xian, one of China's most historical cities! This ancient capital city located in Shaanxi Province is the hometown of the famous Terracotta Warriors among other world renowned sights and attractions.  Next, head to Shanghai! Known as the "Oriental Pearl," this modern metropolis lies on the estuary of the Yangtze River and is impressive for its amount of historical sites as well as unique modern architecture. Stroll along the historical Bund while staring up at some of the tallest buildings in the world, including the Oriental Pearl TV tower. After Shanghai, break away to the nearby city of Suzhou, our last destination before returning to Beijing. Reputed as the "Oriental Venice" due to its abundant ponds and streams and water towns, Suzhou is sure to touch your heart. Enjoy exquisite Chinese cuisines in each of your destinations and experience all the entertainment and nightlife that China has to offer. Free time is included at every stop along the way to make sure you have some time to plan your own itinerary.

Imagine yourself taking in the lush scenery of the winding Great Wall, strolling along paths once walked by the Emperors of China in the Forbidden City, bicycling through the narrow alleys of traditional Chinese neighborhoods, seeing in person every dimension of the Terracotta Warriors, boating through the pathways of an ancient water town, breathing in all of China's local life and tasting all the delicious treats and cuisines along the way, all while increasing your knowledge of traditional Chinese health practices. Let SCIC Beijing help you do all this and more!!

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