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The way you organized the tour was superb and from a cultural aspect gave good insights into Chinese customs, their civilization and their achievements from both past and present. Give a great thanks to you and your team!

-Barry Phelon UK-


Unique Lijiang-Yunnan


Yunnan Province is the most southwest region of China, bordering the countries of Vietnam, Laos, and Burma. It has 25 different ethnic minorities, each with a diverse culture. Yunnan is teeming with tourist attractions, and together with the beautiful landscape, colorful ethnic customs and warm climate, makes for a wonderful travel destination. 


Major Attractions

Lijiang Ancient Town: this town is at the foot of Yulong Snow Mountain in northwest of Yunnan Province. The town is faces a river without any intervening high walls, and contains many ancient streets and lanes paved with colored stones and lined with residential houses of wood-stone-mud structures. There are also narrow cobblestone streets, charming wooden homes, shops and cafes, and picturesque canals and water wheels to make Lijiang a spot well worth visiting. 

Suhe Ancient Village: 4 km to the northwest of Lijiang, this village is the former city center of Lijiang and has a history of over 1000 years. The Naxi people worked and raise their family here before they migrated south. The ancient Dragon Spring Temple lies on the north of this village, along the bank of a clear pool.

Black Dragon Pool: also known as 'Heilong Tan Gongyuan', this is a striking site. Within a pond swimming with colorful carp is a rustic-looking three-level pavilion connected to the shore by a simple, five-arch bridge. And in the distance rises Jade Dragon Snow Mountain (or, "Yulong Xue Shan").

Baisha Fresco: located in the Baisha Village on the plain north of Lijiang, this mural was made from 1385 to 1619, employing the eclectic artistic energies of Chinese Daoist, Tibetan and Naxi Buddhists and local dongba shamans. This rich fusion lead to a powerful piece of artwork, fascinating in its depiction of the otherworldly.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain: within this 13-peak range flows the northern hemisphere's southernmost glacier. Your tour of the mountain includes the option of a chairlift ride to the top of the peak. At 14,750 feet, it's Asia's highest chairlift!

First bend of Yangtze River: this town is located about 110 km north of Lijiang. It comprises of more than one hundred families on the top of an enormous rock. Built in the late 13th century (Yuan Dynasty), this town has a long history. Below this stone town and towards the eastern side lies the Golden Sand River. In this town, you will feel amazed at the sight of many pieces of household equipment made out of stone. In most of the houses, their everyday household items (e.g. table, bed, water tank, fire stove) are all carved out of stone! 

Tiger Leaping Gorge: according to historical records, a hunted tiger escaped certain death by leaping across the River of Golden Sands ("Jinsha Jiang") at the gorge's narrowest point. Hiking trails line the gorge, providing breathtaking views.

Local Specialties

Food: Kunming provides a wild variety of fruits and vegetables all year round due to its balmy temperatures. Beyond this, numerous snacks are available in high streets and back lanes. Across Bridge Rice Noodles (Yunnan Guoqiao Mixian) are one of the specialties of Kunming and Yunnan.

Shangri-La's population is composed largely of Tibetans together with many ethnic minorities. This allows visitors to be immersed in gorgeous scenery while tasting local food and drink, Tibetan Cake (sweet and crisp), Zanba, Pipa Meat, Saimi Lamb, Guoben Hot Pot, butter tea, yogurt, and Suolima (a kind of Tibetan Liquor brewed with the highland barley).

Shopping: For most tourists, their favorite choices are the bright clothing and embroidered accessories from Yunnan's minority people. In addition, there is also jade (which comes mostly from neighouring Burma) in the form of jade bracelets, jade fingers, jade pillows, etc. Many varieties of local tea exist; some of the best known are Pu Erh, Tou, Dianlu and Dabaicha. Kunming is famous for local handiwork including ivory and woodcarving, Dai Jin (brocade made by Dai artisans), and Dai Zhu Bian (Dai bamboo basketry). Carved ivory birds, flowers and images are valuable and popular as collections and precious souvenirs.

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