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The way you organized the tour was superb and from a cultural aspect gave good insights into Chinese customs, their civilization and their achievements from both past and present. Give a great thanks to you and your team!

-Barry Phelon UK-


Dynamic Shanghai


Shanghai is situated on the estuary of Yangtze River, and bears witness to one hundred years of interaction and development with the West. For those interested in the history of modern China, Shanghai serves as an ideal starting point. Regarded as the 'Oriental Pearl', the city has a unique and important place in modern China.


Reasons to visit: Befitting a city with a long history, Shanghai has 13 historical sites under state protection, including characteristic gardens built during the Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties. Since the 1990s a group of buildings have sprung up, adding their different flavour to the architecture of the city; the Oriental Pearl TV tower, the No. 1 skyscraper in China and the People's Square fit well into the urban landscape and compete with the Western-style architecture along the Bund. Also worth a look are the Yuyuan Garden, the Shanghai Museum, the Jade Buddha Temple and the Site of the First National Congress of the Communist Party of China.



Major Attractions:
The Oriental Pearl TV Tower: this
 is the modern symbol of Shanghai. Standing beside the Huangpu River with a height of 468 meters (1536 feet), it is the tallest TV tower in Asia and the third highest in the world. This unusual structure that dominates the skyline is a famous tourist attraction.

Nanjing Road: this is considered to be the 'number one commercial street in China'. Here you will find over 600 shops that are, on average, visited by some 1.7 million people each day. If you like shopping, do not miss it!

Yuyuan Garden: this is the largest of Shanghai's ancient gardens with architectural styles of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The garden has six areas, each with its own style. The Grand Rockery, in the center of the Garden, is the most renowned sight here.

The Shanghai Museum: this is a veritable treasure house of ancient Chinese art and houses 120,000 precious relics. Bronzes, pottery, paintings and calligraphies are distinctive features of the museum's collection. Seen from above, the Museum resembles a large bronze mirror of the Han Dynasty (206BC -220). From the distance, it looks like a bronze Ding, an ancient cooking vessel that contains many mementos of the 5,000-year-old history of Chinese civilization.

The Bund: this is situated on the east bank of the Huangpu River and here one can enjoy the bracing air and fine sunshine as well as seeing the many activities along the river. The new finance and commercial houses cluster together along the south while along the west there is a wealth of grand buildings in the European architectural styles of the 1920s, '30s and early '40s. Marshal Chen Yi's statue looks down on the square where lively musicians gather to play and sing. At night Shanghai shines like a jewel as the city's nightlife gets up and moving! 


Zhouzhuang: once called Zhenfengli, this town is affectionately known as the most famous water town in China. It is located in Kunshan city, 30 kilometers southeast of Suzhou. It is noted for its profound cultural background, the well-preserved ancient residential houses, elegant views and the strong local traditions. 

The Jade Buddha Temple: one of the most famous Buddhist temples to be found in Shanghai. The White Jade Buddhas were brought here from Burma in the nineteenth century. One is seated while the other is in the recumbent position symbolizing the Buddha's attainment of enlightenment or nirvana. The temple also has some impressive images of the Heavenly Kings. Although many people come to worship each day and burn incense at this very holy and active shrine, visitors are welcome.

Local Specialties:

Food: When you come to Shanghai, do not miss the chance to go to famous restaurants and try signature Shanghai dishes. Shanghai also has a large cosmopolitan influence and there are many dishes here from all over the world. For a traveller, the local snacks should not be missed. You could try the famous Nanxiang steamed stuffed buns, crab-yellow pastry, fried stuffed buns, chop rice cake, vegetable stuffed buns, Leisha dumplings and wontons.



Shopping: Shanghai is hailed as the "Shopping Paradise" and "Oriental Paris", so if you enjoy shopping this is the place for you! Nanjing Road (one of the four major shopping streets) enjoys the reputation as the 'number one shopping street' in China, and has a wide variety of shops from those that are centuries old to modern malls and department stalls. Huaihai Road is celebrated for its elegance, featuring top-end designer brands from all over the world. North Sichuan Road offers good inexpensive merchandise, and lovers of good food will be well provided for on Middle Tibet Road. 

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